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Video: The Avenue of Toads, Putuoshan

More toad fun on Putuoshan

We’ve had the Cave of Toads. Now here comes the Avenue of Toads. And if I was surprised by my morning’s amphibious discoveries on Putuoshan, it was nothing compared to what would confront me that evening.

I’m no great believer in magic or the supernatural, but you have to admit there’s something more than a little strange about all those tourists disappearing as soon as the sun went down and the walkways becoming filled, instead, with hundreds of fat, hopping toads. I’d gone back to Chaoyang Pavilion just before sunset to see if there was anything else worth photographing as the sun went down, and though there was nothing quite as lovely as the sunrise of some twelve hours earlier, it turned out that my trip wasn’t to be entirely wasted.

As I made my way back down the steps, torch in hand, towards the road, with no other plan than to head back to my room, first one, then another of my new green friends, hopped across the path away from the glare of my torchlight. They were much bigger than the ones I’d seen that morning, and as the video demonstrates, it’s surprising what a new smartphone and having nothing better to do of an evening when staying on a small Buddhist island can lead to. Enjoy!

Note: This video is hosted on Vimeo. If you can’t see it in China, get yourself a VPN. I recommend PandaPow.

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