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Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong

When it comes to Hong Kong temples, Wong Tai Sin may be the most famous of them all. Said to be the temple at which every prayer comes true, it may only be a little over 90 years old, but what it lacks in ancient history, it more than makes up for with its wish-granting popularity. Home to not one, not two, but three religions ...

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Java Road Cooked Food Centre, North Point

In my ongoing search for cooked food perfection, there are some places that almost recommend themselves. Amid the uproar of the second floor, above the meat stalls and butchery of another Municipal Services Building, Tung Po Seafood Restaurant (東寶小館) at Java Road Cooked Food Centre ( 渣華道熟食中心) in North Point ...

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Hong Kong Vanity Plates: Series 6

When an obsession becomes so all-consuming that it starts to affect your home and work life, it's probably time to seek professional help. When you become so obsessed that you find yourself thinking it would be a good idea to stand on a bridge counting cars one sunny afternoon, it's probably time to throw yourself off it.

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Hong Kong Graffiti Part 1

As I noted in my previous post Graffiti Wisdom Part 1, when you've been in Hong Kong a certain length of time, you sometimes crave a bit of grunge. When it seems the city is nothing more than a glorified shopping mall, with no more soul than a white man in a Southern Baptist choir ...

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