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Hong Kong Camera Club: Part 1

Happy and snappy on the streets of Hong Kong


Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan

Hong Kongers are pretty well known for their love of a good photo. There are the photos of food before meals with friends and the pouting and peace signs afterwards. There are the photos of, or in front of, anything illuminated which could possibly be described as a ‘display’. There are the amateur fashion shooters, the weekend wanderers and the endless photos of cats. Because what’s the point in doing anything if it can’t be recorded and uploaded to Facebook to show everyone what they’re missing?

And why wouldn’t you? It’s no coincidence that almost everyone in Hong Kong is a walking Instagram these days. In such a diversely photogenic city as this, with all that food to photograph, those city streets, the mountains and beaches, there’s a photograph at every turn. It’s why, as much as I try, I still can’t tear myself away.

Here then, are ten happy snappers captured (not literally) on the streets of Hong Kong. From iPad wielding seniors to Chinese tourists dressed definitely to impress, each, in their own way, is out and about celebrating what makes this city great. I’ve also thrown in some Hong Kong Park birdwatchers staging their own interpretation of the Vietnam war movie Platoon for good measure. Enjoy!


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