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Ten of the Best: Tantrums and Princesses

The toys are out of the pram as Princess Syndrome sweeps Hong Kong

hong kong princess beats boyfriend

Princess or psycho? The video everyone is talking about.

A Whole Spectrum of Disorders

With the ‘Hong Kong Girlfriend Slapping Boyfriend’ video having achieved instant notoriety for its sidewalk subjugation recently, the subject of Asian girls behaving badly and the general servility of their men, is once again the topic of choice among the twittering classes.

The sight of a young guy on his knees being slapped and yelled at in the street by his girlfriend, brought howls of incredulity from most, not necessarily at how appalling the girl’s actions most definitely are, but at how the guy could, in common parlance, ‘be such a spinelessness pussy.’

If the notion of Princess Syndrome (ε…¬δΈ»η—…) is by now pretty well established – if not in any psychiatrist’s manual, at least in the expression of its various symptoms all over YouTube – the subservient, grovelling male is surely its flip side. He is the head-bowed, apology-mumbling attendant to her narcissistic queenery; the browbeaten man-boy to which her barely-earned sense of entitlement can be directed. Then there are the ranters and ravers, the kickers and screamers, the fall on the floor and scream like a baby until you get your way type of cases. All of which suggests a whole spectrum of disorders that have led us to the insanity contained herein.

This then, is a compilation of the best tantrums and princesses videos I could find – at once a sweeping generalisation of the Asian female and a collective case study – in the hope that through our voyeurism, some kind of understanding of what led to such hilarity can be reached. Enjoy!

1. Hong Kong girlfriend slaps boyfriend in public

After being accused of taking another girl back to his flat in Kowloon City, a guy’s spine completely gives way as he is forced to kneel in the street and take a public slapping. Pow! Thwack!


2. Restaurant girl demonstrates exactly why she’s now single


3. Paper throwing Princess can’t accept her boyfriend has more in his life than her


4. Another Hong Kong princess demanding and demeaning


5. Another guy reduced to rubble as he chooses a packed MTR carriage to beg his girlfriend not to leave him


6. This woman bloody loves shark fin soup and she wants it NOW!


7. She really wants to get on that plane


8. Shanghai Princess isn’t materialistic, she just wants a new flat and won’t accept no for an answer

Arguably the spiritual home of the Princess Syndrome, this girl isn’t doing Shanghai’s reputation for materialistic females any good at all. She wants a new flat and she won’t leave until her boyfriend buys it for her. Y1.5 million for a three room apartment, with the first installment only Y450,000. What a bargain! Not that her boyfriend sees it this way.

“Has your brain been kicked by a donkey?” she asks. “Is there water flowing into your skull?”


9. Boyfriend refuses to buy Shanghai girlfriend a car … with hilarious consequences


10. Chinese official suffers a bout of airport rage

And finally, it’s not just the ladies that are prone to senselessness. Here in Kunming in China’s Yunnan Province, a local Communist official has a bit of a disagreement with airport staff after missing his flight to Guangzhou.

Metal signs, computer equipment, and anything else not screwed down, are all fair game in this one-man war against airport red tape, for which he lost his job and earned a six month prison sentence. But really, he’s just doing what the rest of us would never have the balls to do.


  1. Well, if you understand the language you will see some men are having parallel relationship with several women and that explains…

  2. Honestly I don’t understand why girls can behave such a bitch and boys can be such a pussy!! Have their brains been kicked by a donkey?

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