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Hong Kong Vanity Plates: Series 6

The Hong Kong Vanity Plate Challenge

xoxoxoxo hong kong number plate

1) 14:51:43 – XOXOXOXO

When an obsession becomes so all-consuming that it starts to affect your home and work life, it’s probably time to seek professional help. When you become so obsessed that you find yourself thinking it would be a good idea to stand on a bridge counting cars one sunny afternoon, it’s probably time to throw yourself off it.

As I said in my very first post on the subject, it’s almost reached the point in Hong Kong where to not have your vehicle plates pimped is considered a sign of mental illness. One after another they parade down the streets, flaunting their wackiness, while I, camera in hand, and just trying to get from A to B, am being constantly sidetracked by the hilarity passing me by.

In my defence, this wasn’t a premeditated cry for help. I didn’t leave home with the sole intention of finding a promising bridge on which I could stand and watch traffic. But when I saw the opportunity I just couldn’t help it – I saw one personalized license plate pass, then another, then another after that, before I began to wonder just how long it would take to see ten.

So here it is, standing on the bridge linking Hong Kong Park with CitiBank Plaza on the opposite side of Cotton Tree Drive in Central, how long did it take from that first XOXOXOXO picture at 14:51:43, for me to see a nice round ten? Answers on a postcard please. All times are taken straight from the EXIF data. I think I need help.

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