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Hong Kong Vanity Plates: Series 10

Food glorious food



Series 10. Who would have thought we’d have made it this far, or have ever had the will to persist? From that first set of ten some eight months ago, our voyage of license plate depravity has taken us from FANNY MO to HOLE IN ONE, from BATMAN and ZELDA to TAXI, to leave us 100 Hong Kong number plates later at this, the (more than likely) final installment of this much maligned feature.

Still, despite the undoubted brilliance of a good number of those 100, I can’t help feeling unfulfilled. Knowing that I saw BIG MAC, TOM CRUZ, POTATO and DINOSAUR yet failed to capture the proof, only makes me more determined to continue this pointless quest. Its always the ones that got away that cause the sleepless nights. But perhaps my moving to Shanghai and the probable end of this pageant of absurdity is the best that could happen for all concerned.

Nevertheless, being that it’s always best to go out with a whimper rather than a bang, and because we’re bringing up the 100 in this final set of ten, I’ve gone and laid a special on for us all. And what more fitting theme to go out on for this culinary spectacular of a city, than food? It may be a little tenuous at times – you can eat donkey, right? – but on the whole, I think it holds together pretty well. So enjoy it. It’ll probably be the last.



  1. Have seen D̶A̶T̶ F̶U̶C̶K̶ sorry FAT DUCK and THX GOD in person.
    Here’s my little contribution.

    • Ha Ha! Thanks man.

      I saw this one in Sheung Wan a couple of months back. Same name as my mum. Not sure a picture of it was good enough for a birthday present though.

      Pink Rolls Royce. Very Thunderbirds!

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