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Hong Kong Vanity Plates: Series 8

Holy crap, it’s Series 8!


Thx God!

It’s been a while, but the Hong Kong vanity plate extravaganza makes a welcome return this week, and things seem to have taken a bit of a religious turn on the streets of Hong Kong.

Maybe it’s new year nerves sending people searching for that little extra nudge in the right direction for the coming twelve months. Maybe it’s a sign from above that it’s time I stopped the sinning and got myself in with the in-crowd before it’s too late. Either way, there’s definitely been more than a streetside whiff of spirituality about the place these past few weeks. If I’m honest, I would have loved to have seen a JESUS 1 or something similar somewhere along the way, but I guess even God needs to play hard to get some of the time.

There is of course the usual quota of randomness in the mix as well, from the kind-of-cute to the utterly senseless. But after perplexing over the 70 equally enigmatic plates that came before them, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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