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Photo of the Week #11: No Photo!

If I see this sign one more time when I'm out taking photos in Hong Kong, I fear something unsavoury could very well occur. They were at it again the other night down at the tourist trap that is Temple Street: "Hey, no photo'; "Sir, no photo"; "You stop take photo now." ...

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DCHL vs the Mainland: Round 2

There were more fun and games outside the Digital Crown Holdings HK (DCHL) offices in Causeway Bay yesterday. In a second day of protests against the Hong Kong company, a crowd of angry mainlanders threatened to storm the premises during the midday demonstration, forcing DCHL to close its doors in order to avoid ...

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Know Your Gods: Guanyin

Is she a he or a she? Or does he just look like a she? Or perhaps she was always a she and never a he in the first place; it's sometimes hard to tell. With the opened shirt and lipstick any one of us could have made the same mistake. Plus it was dark and we'd all had a bit to drink. Known variously as Guan Yin, Kwan Yin ...

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Upper Lascar Row, Sheung Wan

If you're in Hong Kong and find yourself overcome by the sudden urge to get your hands on some Mao memorabilia or a Bruce Lee movie poster or two, there's no better place to go, than Upper Lascar Row. More commonly known as Cat Street Market, it is said the name derives from the days when it was the most ...

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Sunsets and Summits: China in Silhouette

After the success of last week's Hong Kong in silhouette series, I thought it was about time I gave my China photos a little more blog time after a couple of months of neglect. I may not have finally made the move to the mainland just yet, but after returning almost every chance I've had over the past few years, on more than a dozen trips ...

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Is Hong Kong Killing Me?

Will I ever shake this cold, if a cold is what it is? The running nose, the hacking cough, my lungs seemingly swimming in a Fukushima kind of green. I'm either the unwitting host of something nasty, or this air is slowly killing me.

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Hong Kong Street Food Stalls

For some, the coming together of the words street and food is the gourmet equivalent of pairing car with crash, or drive-by with shooting - it shouldn't happen, it mustn't happen, but on street corners around the world, for reasons beyond our control, it does happen, and all too often too. Indeed, the very concept ...

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Hong Kong Vanity Plates: Series 7

It's been a while, but after the short, sharp waste of twenty minutes that was The Hong Kong Vanity Plate Challenge, we're back to rather less obsessive matters this time around. Though I admit my radar has been a little lacking of late, my Hong Kong wanderings are still turning up the usual licence plate lunacy ...

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