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More Japanese Tunnels on Jardine’s Lookout


Looking out from the entrance of Tunnel 1 on the slope leading up to Jardine’s Lookout

Credit, as always, to Gwulo.com for pointing me towards this one.

In my previous Japanese Tunnels post, we looked at the two tunnels on the north-eastern slope of Jardine’s Lookout as you head down from the peak towards the quarry. The second of these is perhaps the largest and certainly most intriguing of those discovered to date – with its cavernous interior and resident brood of bats – but it is only one of several tunnels that exist in the Jardine’s Lookout area.

Tunnel 1

The tunnel featured in this post was actually the first one I explored myself in Hong Kong. It is located a couple of hundred metres below the Jardine’s Lookout summit as you head up from the start of Stage 2 of the Wilson Trail near Hong Kong Parkview.

Follow the path up for about fifteen or twenty minutes until you reach the big boulder shown in Picture 1. The boulder will be on your left-hand side as you head up the stairs. Immediately after the boulder you will see a trail heading into the undergrowth on your left. Follow the trail down the slope until you reach the set of rocks shown in Picture 2. You will notice that the path slopes down to the left a couple of steps after these three rocks. The main entrance of the tunnel can be found somewhere down there.


Picture 1: Follow the stairs up to the boulder then head into the undergrowth and down the slope immediately after


Picture 2: Following the slope down to these three rocks, the tunnel entrance can be found somewhere down to the left

The entrance itself is easy enough to crawl into. The interior immediately within seems to have been reinforced with concrete blocks and several small alcoves and half-tunnels have been cut into the rock along the way. It is possible to walk upright, albeit stooped, once inside. There are stairs and slopes and several other entrances, though with plenty of mud having been washed down there over the years, most of them are pretty much unusable.

According to Gwulo, the whole complex is constructed on three different levels, and it is indeed a fairly complex network. On the other side of the path opposite the boulders near the main entrance, two other entrances can be found through the thick undergrowth. There are also, apparently, several other entrances hidden somewhere around and about. Inside, however, the slopes leading up to these exits are either two steep or too narrow to be worthwhile dragging yourself up through the dirt for.

You can also reach this tunnel via the Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail. Following the trail from the car park opposite Hong Kong Parkview you will reach the two pillboxes JLO1 and JL02. Take the set of steps up to JL01 and continue past the pillbox. Crossing the clearing you should follow the path beside the little brook before heading up the slope and though the undergrowth until you reach the tunnel towards the top. Going this way, you will also pass Tunnel 2 on the way.


The main entrance of Tunnel 1 is just about crawl-in-able


The network is one of the largest in the Jardine’s Lookout area


Four-way junction of level 1 of Tunnel 1

Tunnel 2

Well, it’s a tunnel, but compared to Tunnel 1 and the other Jardine’s Lookout tunnels, it’s somewhat of a non-event. Carrying on down to the bottom of the slope from Tunnel 1, you can see the entrance just over the brook before the path turns to the right.

You can’t miss it. It’s dug into the opposing slope of the ridge that runs beside the catchwater path up to the two pillboxes JL01 and JL02. There haven’t been great lengths gone to to keep it hidden, which I guess accounts for its relative lack of excitement – a straight tunnel towards a dead-end and not much more beside the litter that’s been left there. Maybe it remained unfinished. Maybe it was intended as a storage tunnel or some kind of ambush hideaway. Who knows.

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Over the bridge over the stream, Tunnel 2 is easy to spot


But unfortunately, it isn’t all that interesting


  1. oops.. Sorry for posting the same comment twice.

  2. Great pics man!! This is one of my favourite complexes. So many splits, levels, and alocoves. LOTS TO EXPLORE.

    Ive made it to level 3 a couple times, I made a video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfiiKvKINgo


  3. Great pictures man!

    This is one of my favorite complexes. Super cool, so many splits, lots of alocoves and LOTS to explore. Ive made it to level 3 twice now.

    I made a video of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfiiKvKINgo

  4. hi, are there snakes there? 😅😰

    • Hello Mr Sphincter,

      I’m not sure about snakes, to be honest. It was definitely one of my worries when I first entered, but when you realise that there’s not much of anything down there except spiders and dust, you tend to put the idea of snakes out of your mind.

      Having said that, there’s every chance you’ll come across a bat or two. Best thing is to cover up, take a friend, and make sure your torch has plenty of battery.

      Oh, and let us know what you find. 👍👍👍

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