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Beijing to Hohhot: Onboard train 1482

Leaving Beijing for Hohhot at 09:19 would get me to Hohhot by 20:30. The train to Erlian left at 21:38. I had to hope there would be tickets left when I got to Hohhot station, or my crossing the border into Mongolia and getting to Ulaanbaatar on time was looking increasingly unlikely.

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Escape from Beijing

I needed to be out of Beijing. In a couple of days there was a train from the Mongolian border town of Zamyn-Uud to Ulaanbaatar. I needed to be on it in order to catch my Ulaanbaatar to Moscow train on Tuesday.

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Qianmen Dajie and Beijing’s Dwindling Hutong

Down with the old, up with the new. Such is the way in contemporary China. In every major town and city the past is being replaced or sanitized in the name of tourism and commercialism, these two myopic siblings stomping hand in hand over much of the uniqueness rapidly disappearing.

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T98 Hong Kong to Beijing Train Ticket

Train T98 to Beijing

Even a journey of 9000 miles must start with a first easing of the breaks. Leaving Hong Kong as the rain arrives, train T98 to Beijing, groaning in metallic protestation like a geriatric creaking into early morning rhythm as we pull away.

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Hong Kong


Ten of the Best

Hong Kong Outdoors


Shing Mun Redoubt: Shing Mun Country Park

You'll not likely find it any of the guide books, but high above Tsuen Wan in Shing Mun Country Park, the remains of Hong Kong's first line of defence against the Japanese invasion during World War II, lie overgrown and unappreciated amongst the undergrowth. Constructed as part of the 13 miles of fortifications known as ...

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Amah Rock, Lion Rock Country Park

Amah Rock (望夫石), located close to Tai Wai on the New Territories side of the Lion Rock Tunnel, is another of Hong Kong's geological curiosities with a story.

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Lion Rock, Hong Kong

Let's cut to the chase, when we talk about Hong Kong hill views, nothing beats Lion Rock. There are those that are taller. There are those that are closer to the "action". But for spectacular, 360° views, smack in the centre of everything, Lion Rock is the best of the lot.

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The Party by Richard McGregor

When Rupert Murdoch attended a dinner in Beijing in the late 1990s, he remarked that in all his visits to China, he had yet to meet a Communist. A strange remark indeed considering he was dining in by far the largest Communist state in the world ...

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Behind The Wall by Colin Thubron

1986. Mao Zedong was ten years dead, the Tiananmen Square 'incident' was still three years away, and China was optimistic about the future. Only a few years before, the country had been all but inaccessible to foreigners. Still struggling with the trauma of the Cultural Revolution ...

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Tiananmen Moon by Philip J Cunningham

With the 25th anniversary of the events of May and June 1989 just past, , and all the talk that went with it, it seems an appropriate time to take a look at an account of those momentous few weeks from the vantage point of someone who was actually there.

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