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Why do people go to Suzhou?
Rowing boat on Pingjiang Lu canal, Suzhou, China

Suzhou bills itself as the “Venice of the East,” a moniker my guidebook had referred to as a “hackneyed … chat-up line” that I was unlikely to fall for. It is a town, it continues, that has “had to contend with destruction of its heritage and its replacement with largely arbitrary chunks of ...

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Ten things China wouldn’t be China without
Crowds of tourists entering the Forbidden City, Beijing

There are so many things about China that seem bizarre when compared to life back home that I could be sitting here listing them all night. China wouldn’t be China without the interesting public toilet situation. China wouldn’t be China without instant noodles and Abibas sportswear.

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Hefang Street, Hangzhou

Back during the Southern Song Dynasty when Hangzhou was China's capital, the city was perhaps the biggest and richest in the world. The 14th century Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta called it "the biggest city I have ever seen on the face of the earth." While Marco Polo, whether he ever actually visited China or not ...

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Shenzhen to Shanghai by bus

I’ve said it before, and if this were the search for the Higgs Boson we were talking about, we’d almost be at our five-sigma point by now, such is the level of inevitability. Because seemingly without fail, whenever I travel in China, the adventure begins pretty much as soon as ...

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Black jails and paranoia in the heart of Beijing

“We are about to arrive in our nation’s great capital,” the voice on the train’s intercom said. It was Qing Ming Festival proper, as it would be for the following two days, and if we thought people would stay home to spend quality time with their families during this brief but precious holiday, how wrong we were to dismiss the appetite for sightseeing and patriotism of the Chinese tour group..

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