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The Great Stock Photography Hunt: Part 3

More love from Telegraph Travel


The best toilet-view in China? Possibly.

They must have a crush on me over at Telegraph Travel. After stumbling across one of my photos on there last time around, they’ve gone and brightened up my day again. This time, toilets are the theme. In particular, China’s latest attempt to freshen its appeal to visiting tourists by cleaning up its notoriously foul public lavs.

I’ve gathered plenty of photos of public toilet nastiness during my time in China, but the one they chose to use was not one of the usual unpleasantness, but of relative lavatorial beauty.

It was taken at Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan Province a couple of years back, and as far as loos-with-a-view go, I suspect you’d be hard pushed to find better. It certainly beats the nostril-stinging stench this latest initiative is aimed at tackling. But what would China be without its sanitationally-challenged public bogs? More tourist friendly, yes. But when has that ever been a good thing?

If I had my way, I’d keep the toilets and ditch the tourists. I can think of no better way to realise that “this isn’t how things are at home”, than by squatting down in the midst of a bunch of smoking, mobile phone-using locals, as your elbows touch on either side and strange things float beneath you. Then again, as long as my photos keep appearing on national newspaper websites, either way is good for me.

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If the toilet revolution means I sell more photos, may it be a long and glorious one.

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