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Typhoon Usagi Photos: The fun before the disappointment

A windy afternoon at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre as the tourists carry on as normal

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Typhoon Usagi – the “most powerful storm in 34 years”, they said.

Typhoon Usagi was coming. The “most powerful storm in 34 years”, they said. A “monster Super Typhoon” that was tearing across the Luzon Strait and heading straight for Hong Kong. Hong Kong was braced, apparently, for the “strongest storm on earth“, as 180mph winds gathered strength ready to tear the city apart. And what happened? Well, not really very much when it came down to it.

There was a bit of wind, a bit of rain, some moderate flooding in the new territories. A woman was hit by a flying sign in Sha Tin. But the surfers were still out enjoying the waves; the tourists at the Golden Bauhinia in Wan Chai still stepped down from their buses and posed for photos before dashing off in search of shelter. But as for the mighty wind that we were promised, it was all a bit of a let down.

Is it wrong to be disappointed that Typhoon Usagi didn’t live up to the hype? Undoubtedly yes. People die in typhoons. People died in this typhoon. There are reports this morning about deaths in Guangdong Province; photographs of crushed cars under fallen trees. But it seems Hong Kong got off lightly. While down in Wan Chai, at the HKCEC yesterday afternoon, it was all a lot of hilarious windy fun.

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