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Getting a Russian visa in Hong Kong

Preparing for the Trans-Siberian Railway if you are in Asia

Russian Visa

Getting a Russian visa in Hong Kong should be no problem if you follow the steps involved

New Requirements

Getting a Russian Visa in Hong Kong for travelling the Trans-Siberian Railway shouldn’t be a problem. If you can negotiate the almost comically foul-tempered staff that work at the Russian consulate in Hong Kong, then with the required documents correctly filled out, and assuming that your reason for visting Russia isn’t listed as espionage, terrorism or political assassination, you should be able to pay your fee and receive your visa within the allotted time.

If you are unable to get to the Russian consulate yourself, or you want to make the whole process of getting a Russian visa easier, you can go to Real Russia and have them sort out the whole application, invitation and pick-up process for you.

It should be noted, however, that there has recently been added a new requirement for those wanting to apply for their Russian visa in Hong Kong, namely, that you are required to provide your HKID or Hong Kong visa (see requirements below). For those already living in Hong Kong, this will not be a problem as you will have your HKID with you. However, for those seeking to apply for a Russian visa whilst traveling in Hong Kong, this could prove a sticking point, particularly if you do not need a tourist visa for Hong Kong. It would be a good idea to contact the Russian Consulate yourself in this case, or get in touch with a Hong Kong travel agency who may be able to help.

Where is the Russian Consulate in Hong Kong?

The first thing to note, is that if you decide to apply for the visa in person, you will find the Russian consulate in Hong Kong at the following address:

Rm. 2106-2123, 21/F, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
tel: + (852) 2877-7188
e-mail: [email protected]

The visa section is open to the public Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Application Requirements

You can now fill in the visa application form online on the Russian Consulate website.

Single and double entry Russian tourist visas usually allow you to stay in Russia for a maximum of 30 days for each visit. According to the Russian Consulate in Hong Kong, as well as the application form you will need the following:

1. Your current passport, valid for six months and at least one blank page.
2. One recent passport size photo glued to the application form.
3. Original Tourist Voucher (letter of invitation) with a special reference number.
4. One copy of the main page of your passport.
5. Insurance policy for the whole period of the stay in Russia (for EU-members, Australia and New Zealand only).
6. One copy of valid HKID or Hong Kong Visa.

Letter of Invitation

At first a strange and worrying requirement, getting a letter of invitation to accompany your Russian visa application is in fact no more troublesome than filling in the visa application form itself. You don’t need to have accommodation booked and verified, you simply need to say that you have.

There are many Russian travel agencies online that can provide a letter of invitation. I used Real Russia, and for £15, I had my letter of invitation in my inbox, waiting to be printed, within ten minutes. The process involved simply filling in my travel details and then waiting for the confirmation. I also found this to be the cheapest available option.

How much does a Russian visa cost?

Tourist visas for Russia are offered for either single or double entry each up to one month.

Visas are granted on either a standard (7 business days) or an urgent (3 business days) basis. Though it should be noted that when I made my application, I was told it would take 9 business days.

Those holding passports from Hong Kong, Macau or China, are able to enter Russia without a visa for stays of up to 14 days.

Visa fees for other select countries can be seen below. The full list of fees can again be found at the Russian consulate website. You will need to pay the applicable fee on application.

Passport holders from ...Single Standard (HK$)Single Urgent (HK$)Double, StandardDouble, Urgent
New Zealand4509506501450
most European countries370740370740

Anything else I need to know about the Trans-Siberian Railway?

Probably. If you are beginning your journey in Hong Kong and intend to travel from Hong Kong to Beijing before joining the Trans-Siberian Railway, you may consider taking the Hong Kong-Beijing train. It will take 24 hours to get there but it will cost you a fraction of the airfare (under HK$ 600) and is a great way to start your adventure early.

If you plan to enter Russia from Mongolia and travel on the Trans-Mongolian Railway beforehand, you will also need to get yourself a Mongolian visa, either in Beijing or Hohhot, or when you reach the China-Mongolia border. For information on getting a Mongolian visa in Erlian and crossing the China-Mongolia border when you get there, see below.


  1. Hi sir,
    I’m trying to fill in application form in the website in the Russian embassy here in hongkong.. One part is where are you applying visa but I cannot find hongkong place.. Only China…do I need to put China although I know hongkong is part of China but it is independent.. Im just confuse…

  2. Hey !

    Thanks a lot for your article ! Very interesting.

    Just a question : I am trying to get a Russian visa in Hong Kong but I am not sure about my date of entry in Russia. Is it a fixed date ? Or you have (like for the Chinese visa) a certain period to enter the country ?

    Thanks a lot for your answer !

    • Hi Jay,

      That shouldn’t be a problem. The start date is usually just the date from which you COULD travel to Russia. The visa would then be valid from the date on which you enter the country. So … just like the Chinese visa.

      This, at least, was the case when I did it. Double check when you go to the consulate, or check on the consulate website: http://russia.com.hk/en/


  3. As a British national i get 180 days visa on arrival in Hong Kong, is this sufficient to apply for the Russian visa? Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Honest answer – I’m not sure.

      My original thought was that because us UK-ers get 180 days visa-free in HK and therefore will not have a valid HK visa to present to the Russian consulate, it would rule us out. We would get an entry stamp, which (I think) would state the duration of your stay (ie. Must leave HK before whenever), but I’m not sure if this would qualify.

      However, this link from Lonely Planet seems to think our British passport and 180 days is good, since anyone applying needs either an HKID or MORE than 90 days for their HK visa.

      Best think to do is email the Russian Consulate or one of the agencies listed in the post just to check. I’m starting to come round to the idea that you may be okay with your UK passport.

      If anyone else has any updated info or can shed any light on this, we’d all be grateful for your input.


      • I’ve just had confirmation from the Russian embassy that I should be fine to apply with my 180days visa. Great news!

        My only issue now is that i have a limited timeframe in HK to get my visa, you mentioned in can take up to 9 days, if i pay the extra for an urgent service do you think they might say it will still take longer than the quoted 2-3 days?

        Nothing is ever simple…

  4. Thanks for the info. So the consulate accepted the emailed invitation letter? I heard from someone that they need the original sent from Russia, with stamps.


    I just applied for a Russian Visa from Hongkong, not holding a Hongkong ID. However, this normally is only possible, if you have the permission to stay (e.g. student visa) for more than 90 days by the day of application (a general permission to stay for over 90 days is not enough!). So either 90 days permission or HongKong ID, just to save you the pain of writing a handwritten letter to the chief of consulate and begging for acceptance of your visa application, like I just (successfully!) did 🙂

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