Will There Be a Season 4 of Junjou Romantica? (2023) What Happened to the Popular anime?

Will There Be a Season 4 of Junjou Romantica? Here’s What We Know

Junjou Romantica, the popular yaoi anime series by Shungiku Nakamura, has captured the hearts of many fans all over the world with its romantic and daring depiction of same-sex love. Since the third season ended in 2015, fans have been eagerly awaiting news about whether there will be a fourth season.

Although there has been no Official announcement from the production studio, Studio Deen, or the creator, fans have been speculating And hoping that the series will continue. In this article, we will investigate the reasons for and against Junjou Romantica Season 4 & examine the latest developments in the production, Manga, and pandemic.

Reasons For Junjou Romantica Season 4

One of the main reasons why fans believe that there will be a fourth season of Junjou Romantica is the fact that the manga series is still ongoing. Unlike some anime adaptations that catch up with the source material or end prematurely, Junjou Romantica has sufficient material for another season or more.

Will There Be a Season 4 of Junjou Romantica

Moreover, the manga series has continued to attract new readers And maintain its popularity among fans, demonstrating that there is a demand for more Anime adaptations. Another reason why fans are hopeful about Season 4 is the time gap between the second and third seasons.

Will There Be a Season 4 of Junjou Romantica

If sources are to be believed then we can expect the series to return by Dec 2024

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The seven-year hiatus between the two seasons was due to various reasons, including the studio’s schedule, the creator’s health, and the need for more source material. Notwithstanding, the fact that the third season eventually aired after such a long wait suggests that Studio Deen and Nakamura are committed to the series and its fans.

Junjou Romantica Season 4 Manga

Despite the optimistic signs, there are likewise some reasons why fans may not see a fourth season of Junjou Romantica. One of the main obstacles is the lack of an official announcement or confirmation from the studio or creator.

Junjou Romantica
Type – Manga and Anime
Anime – Yaoi
Number of seasons – 3
Total number of episodes – 36
Season 1 air date – April 2008
Season 2 air date – October 2008
Season 3 air date – June 2015
Production studio – Studio Deen
Director – Chiaki Kon
Manga – 27 Volumes
Status – Discontinued
Japanese release date – 2015
English release – Same Year
Number of volumes – Twenty Seven

Although the absence of a assertion does not necessarily mean that the series is canceled, it does make it harder for fans to predict the renewal date or even the possibility of the season.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the production and scheduling of many anime series, causing delays and cancellations. If Studio Deen or Nakamura has to postpone or cancel Junjou Romantica Season 4 due to the pandemic or other reasons, it would be disappointing but understandable.

Is Junjou Romantica still ongoing?

Junjou Romantica is still ongoing as of March 2023. The anime is currently on its fourth season, which premiered in 2020 and has been generally-received by fans. It’s worth noting that the anime is based on a manga series of the similar name, which has been ongoing beginning around 2002.

The creator of the series, Shungiku Nakamura, is an established manga artist with a critical following. Junjou Romantica’s continued success can be attributed to its relatable characters, beautiful animation, and engaging storytelling. Fans eagerly await the next season and more developments in the lives of their favorite characters.

Does Usagi love Misaki?

Usagi does indeed love Misaki. Usagi is a seasoned writer with a troubled past, while Misaki is a young college student who begins working as Usagi’s assistant. Despite their age difference and vastly different backgrounds, the two develop a deep and meaningful connection throughout the series.

Their relationship is characterized by moments of tenderness and passion, as well as misunderstandings and miscommunications. However, their love for each other remains steadfast throughout it all.

Fans of the series continue to root for Usagi and Misaki’s love story and eagerly anticipate what the future holds for them.

What is the last episode of Junjou Romantica?

Junjou Romantica’s 4th season is episode 12. The episode aired in 2020 and wrapped up several storylines, including the tumultuous relationship among Usagi and Misaki.

The episode additionally explored the relationships between other characters, such as Nowaki and Hiroki, Miyagi And Shinobu. It’s worth noting that the series is based on a manga of a similar name, which is still ongoing.

Therefore, there is potential for future seasons of the anime to be released. Fans of the series enthusiastically await any news regarding future episodes and the continued development of their favorite characters.

Who has a crush on Misaki Takahashi?

There are several characters in Junjou Romantica who have a crush on Misaki Takahashi. One of the most notable is Akihiko Usami, otherwise called Usagi.

  • Usagi is a successful author who hires Misaki as his assistant And quickly develops feelings for him.
  • Another character with a crush on Misaki is Ijuuin Kyo, a renowned creator And acquaintance of Usagi’s. Ijuuin is often seen teasing Misaki and trying to win his affections.

Where to watch junjo romantica: pure romance

It is available on Crunchyroll.

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