Maitree July 25, 2023 Written Episode Update: Maitree falls into danger again

Maitree 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kusum asks the children to sleep in the room under a blanket. Harsh and Om are on their way to Kanpur. Maitree senses the danger and is horrified. She closes the front door. Maitree answers Kid’s cry by going upstairs without closing the main entrance. Maitree wonders why Swayam and Juhi are shouting. Swayam claims that Nandish is scaring them with legends about the devil. Maitree asks Nandish to refrain from doing this. She asks Nandish to take care of Swayam and Juhi. Maitree notices Vedika crying. Vedika is led outdoors by her. He comforts Vedika and puts her to sleep.

Hard calls Maitree and demands that all doors be closed. Maitree agrees and proceeds to lock all the doors. Kusum shows Maitree the video of Tiger attacking people. Maitree expresses her fear and orders him to close the upper doors. Maitree notices that their main door is open and closes it. Maitree notices the Growling sound and realizes it is a tiger. Maitree notices a tiger in their residence.

Swayam is thirsty and goes outside to get water. Kusum notices that her phone’s battery is dead and plugs in the charger before grabbing the tape recorder. Maitree notices Swayam coming down. Swayam is alerted by Maitree. Maitree and Swayam run away from there. Maitree confines the children to the room.

Kusum notices that the inverter charge has also been discharged. She goes out to check on the kids. Maitree warns the children that a tiger is there in the house and advises them to be cautious. She asks Nandish to contact Harsh. Nandi sh calls Harsh but the line is disconnected. Swaym asks about Vedika with Maitree. Maitree discovers that he is forcing her to sleep in the other room. Kusum wonders about Maitree’s involvement with the children. Maitree takes a decision to save Vedika and Kusum. She comes out, asking Nandish to lock the door.

Harsh and Om reach the hotel. He harshly calls Maitree and Kusum, but no one answers. One thinks they are asleep, which is why they don’t answer calls. Hard consent.

Maitree looks for Kusum. Kusum calls Maitree. Maitree hears the voice and chooses to approach Kusum quietly. Kusum is approached by Tiger. Kusum screams in terror. The tiger will attack Kusum, but Maitree knocks her down and tells her to go to the children. Kusum is attributed to children. Maitree rushes inside and hides under the bed. Kusum comes to the door and knocks. Nandish opens it. Kusum hugs the kids and wonders about Vedika’s whereabouts. Vedika is said to be in mother’s room and mother has gone to get her. Maitree notices Vedik crying and hides with Vedik.

PreCap: Maitree Decides to save Vedik with her life. The tigers break down the door and enter. Maitree hides and directs not to open any door. Maitree is scared.

Credit update to: Tanaya

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