6 key moments from part 1 (RECUP)

(Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at first sight Season 16 Episode 24 “Nashville Reunion, Part 1.”)

Married at first sight Season 16 is coming to a close, but not before unearthing some never-before-seen moments and takes from the cast during the highly anticipated reunion episodes.

In the first installment, Lifetime has the Season 16 cast reflect on their journeys through a series of moderated discussion sessions with host Kevin Frazier. Below, we break down all the key moments from the relatively drama-free reunion so far, so beware the spoilers ahead.


The event began with a group chat as all attendees joined Kevin on stage. There, viewers heard about their life updates since Decision Day. While some of them are struggling with the idea of ​​fame, like Domynique getting DMs for cleavage shots, some are taking their new popularity in stride. Jasmine and Domynique revealed that they both connected with former Decision Day cast member Gil as well. As for Clint, he’s like a second husband to Nicole as they joked with Chris that he helps her with the dogs when he’s not around since they all live in the same building these days.

Mackinley informed viewers, telling the cast that he’s moved from Nashville, which doesn’t surprise Domynique. Kevin also addressed Clint’s controversial comment about his preference for slender women, noting that he received quite a bit of backlash for it. By admitting he was wrong, Clint wanted to make it clear that he never meant to offend anyone, and Chris does his best to support him in a constructive way. Rounding out the group conversation, Kevin addresses the rudeness Jasmine was met with by Airris’ cousin Fallina. The consensus seemed to be that Airris should have taken Jasmine’s side more and defended her against her own cousin. It’s too little, yet too late.

Jasmine and Airris from

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Airris & Jasmine

During the former couple’s discussion with Kevin, Jasmine and Airris address the big elephant in the room, which was his lack of attraction to her. Although he did not want to elaborate or elaborate out of respect, they agreed that this was a major component in the failure of their marriage. The new pictures also revealed that Airris liked the idea of ​​an open marriage, something Jasmine wasn’t on the same page about.

Before ending their time on stage, Jasmine’s friend Adrienne joined them on stage, noting that Jasmine and Airris’ differences in sexual experience were a contributing factor and that the relationship did not help her Jasmine mentally. Adrienne also called out Airris for allowing her to let Fallina treat Jasmine poorly. In the end, both Jasmine and Airris are in a good place in their separate lives, but agree that they didn’t belong together.

Nicole and Chris

Nicole and Chris reflect on their successful marriage, which is still going strong, admitting that there have been a few bumps along the way, but nothing too big to overcome. Kevin notes that the way they handled their dogs’ complicated honeymoon situation was commendable, and his initial prediction that they wouldn’t work was wildly wrong. Nicole and Chris are willing to accept the reassessment with a few laughs. Bonus content revealed during their segment included a fun lightsaber fight and a Facetime call to Nicole’s dad Mark, who Chris has become close to. Mark even tells Kevin that Chris has BDE, finally. Overall, the couple is looking to the future, with a house next on the agenda and a conversation about children planned for a year from now.

Ladies I’m talking

The women have a heart-to-heart with Kevin, all of whom determine that Nicole is the “mama bear” of the group. She’s willing to take on the title, admitting that it has a lot to do with being nosy and just wanting everyone to be happy. Looking back, Jasmine admits she’s thankful for the ladies who helped support her during the emotional moments last season. As the no-longer-married women look to the future, Gina, Domynique and Jasmine hope to find love, and Nicole keeps her fingers crossed that Shaquille and Kirsten get back together. But will they?

Gina and Clint

Gina and Clint reveal that they’ve gotten even closer since ending their marriage on Decision Day, but it’s still not romantic between them. Despite what they claim was their best effort to create a romantic spark, they just don’t feel that way about each other. While Gina and Clint didn’t work together, they continued to bring joy to host Kevin, who couldn’t believe they weren’t a couple. Clint further confirmed this by revealing that he’s been seeing someone for a few months, but as for a potential reunion between the ex-spouses one day, Gina hinted, you never know.

Kirsten & Shaquille

After Decision Day, Kirsten reveals that she wasn’t too happy with Shaquille’s decision to end their marriage and was even more upset when he said he wished he had more time to figure it all out. Although they’ve gotten to a better place since then, they admit that communication was the key factor in the breakup of their marriage. Although Shaquille says he liked Kirsten from day one and wanted to fall in love, he wasn’t sure they were soul mates. When it came to his choice, Shaquille reveals that he decided to say “no” on decision day at this point. Is there still hope for them? Stay tuned as the reunion continues on Lifetime next week.

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