Agnisakshi 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika slaps Supriya for trying to rip her mangalsutra

Agnisakshi 16th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Supriya holding Jeevika at gunpoint and asking Satvik to marry her. Satvik asks her to leave Jeevika and talk to him. Supriya stands close to Satvik and pushes Jeevika while she is still at gun point. Jeevika says you are overstepping your limits. Supriya says if you marry me I will leave everyone but if you don’t I will kill Jeevika. She says she is asking him to give his rights to his wife, which are hers. Shlok asks God to do something and takes sindoor from the temple inside. Narayan says relationships are not done under the gun. Supriya says when the issue is about your lives, then you will accept me. Rajnandini says dad is right and says no one will accept you. says Supriya until I have bullets. Rajnandini apologizes on behalf of Narayan. Supriya asks him to convince them. Shlok brings sindoor. Supriya asks Shlok if she went to bring Sindoor or to complain to God about her. She asks him to keep the sindoor and come back. He holds the sindoor. Supriya asks Satvik to apply sindoor on forehead and says you have 1.5 experience, full experience with Jeevika and half experience with me. Satvik says yes. Supriya says I forgot to bring mangalsutra and says what to do now? She says when Jeevika has mangalsutra then why bring it from outside. Jeevika goes near Satvik and says he is carried by me. Supriya says when I can marry your used husband then why can’t mangalsutra. She asks Jeevika to give her mangalsultra. Jeevika refuses. Juhi feels bad for Jeevika.

Rajnandini says Supriya will not do any adharam and asks Shlok to call the police. He then whispers to Juhi that this is the right thing to punish Supriya. Jeevika says I will not let you touch him. Supriya says she will take her after her death and shoots her. Satvik is shocked. He asks Jeevika if she is fine. Supriya says your heartbeat didn’t increase by seeing the gun and says if it increases just by seeing someone it would be husband. Jeevika refuses to give him the mangalsutra. Satvik asks him to give. Rajnandini asks her to give the mangalsutra and tells her that Supriya can’t have it even if she gets it. Supriya tries to pull it off, Jeevika slaps her hard. Rajnandini tells Juhi that her benefit is in the death of Supriya and Jeevika. She says they are both a waste to her now. Supriya asks what is the difference between that day and now.

Jeevika says that day, I thought Satvik will be happy with you and says he fulfilled one of his marriage vows. She says that even today she fulfills her marriage vow and is ready to lay down her life for him. She says knowing her greed for his money, she won’t give him her precious mangalsutra. Supriya says you seem to understand the language of bullets and guns and aims at her. Jeevika asks him to shoot and holds the gun on his forehead. Satvik asks Supriya to keep the gun down and tells Jeevika to give the mangalsutra. Jeevika says its a matter of many moments between us and says I cant introduce him to Supriya. She asks him to kill her. Narayan asks Shlok to do something. Rajnandini asks Shlok not to do anything as Supriya is very upset. She thinks you haven’t had a heart attack in a long time, I want you to leave me and I can’t bear any interference now.

Satvik pulls Jeevika and asks if she is fine. Supriya asks how dare you take care of her other woman. Satvik says not jeevika but you are the other woman. He says I should have finished this, when you came here with Jeevika. He says Jeevika is my wife and this house bahu and says I will never marry you, they all happily accepted Jeevika as this house bahu. Supriya says ok, I accept you are not mine and you will never be mine. Satvik says everything will be fine and asks him to give the gun. Supriya says one thing remains. Satvik asks what? Supriya says whatever is mine, can’t become someone else’s. She is about to shoot Satvik when Jeevika comes in front of him. Rajnandini hits something on Supriya’s head and she falls down. She says I have to do this to save Jeevika’s life and I am sorry. Jeevika says you did this to save us and says Supriya will say sorry and forgot that he brought her here. Supriya opens her eyes. The police inspector comes there. Shlok says I called police. Narayan asks inspector to take her to her correct address. Supriya says you are in someone’s target. Shlok asks what are you saying. Satvik says who do you believe. Supriya says you all wanted to know who is my partner in crime and says Satvik’s love and house destruction is Rajnandini.

Precap: Jeevika says I am ready to give my mangalsutra for your happiness but not to save my life. Rajnandini asks if you will love her. Satvik holds Jeevika as she falls and hears and imagines men playing guitar.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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