Agnisakshi 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Satvik falls in love with Jeevika

Agnisakshi 20th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajnandini asking Satvik if he can love Jeevika after loving Supriya so much. She says sorry and asks if I asked the wrong question. Satvik says I don’t have right answer and I don’t want to say wrong answer. She asks him to be careful and leaves. She says she knows Jeevika refused to break up with her but she knows he will complete Jeevika’s incomplete work. she says they are meant to be separated. Satvik remembers Supriya’s words and thinks if I will come out of this betrayal and love Jeevika that she deserves and thinks Bhabhi’s questions are right. Maayi asks Jeevika to choose between dream and reality, to choose between loved ones and loved ones and says if the decision is not right then the distance will widen. She says my Rukmini and her Krishna can never unite. Jeevika thinks. Manas comes to Satvik and says whenever I go away from you something happens. Satvik then asks why did you go? She hugs him and tells him that the lanka was burnt. Manas refers to Supriya as a girl. He says do you even know what love is? Satvik says now I know what is not love. Manas says this love Guru will tell you, what is love. He says that love is the presence of someone near you, which makes you feel good.

Satvik thinks about Jeevika. Manas says more about love and Satvik keeps thinking about Jeevika. Manas says love is not just saving your life but fighting for your love’s life. He says love also exists in small everyday matters. He asks Satvik, whom he sees through closed eyes. Satvik says Jeevika. Then open your eyes and say how can anyone see with their eyes closed. Manas says exactly as you saw and congratulates him saying you are in love with Jeevika.

Jeevika talks to Siddhi and tells her that Maayi had come to meet her. She says she has a feeling the danger isn’t completely gone now. Manas says you didn’t love Jeevika before but now you do. Satvik says you are drunk. Manas asks her to listen to the big symptoms of love and tells her that if there is a violin playing in your ears when you meet Jeevika, then consider yourself gone. Satvik says this doesn’t happen in real life.

Rajnandini and Pramod stand as Narayan checks the papers. Rajnandini says I will check and takes the file from him, asks him not to worry. Pramod says after whatever Rao did, we have to worry, anyone can take advantage of our situation. Rajnandini says I will check the calculations personally. Narayan praises her and says I don’t want to burden you with this burden as you are already busy with a lot of work. He says he feels they will hire someone to check the accounts. Rajnandini asks who? Narayan says you will know soon. Rajnandini says whoever she will bring, she will confuse him.

Satvik comes down and sees water near the stairs. He calls the Servants and asks them to clean the floor. Just then Jeevika comes there and asks why he is irritated. Satvik says Manas said that… Then he asks where is the red folder? Jeevika says I will bring. He will take it and slide. Satvik holds her and sees the musician playing the violin. He is surprised.

Juhi asks Rajnandini to make her face in Narayan silk and says she heard Narayan and Sampath talking about the promo. Rajnandini teases her and then promises to make her the face of the company. Juhi hugs her.

Satvik throws Jeevika on the floor. Jeevika says Satvik, what happened to you. She stood up. Satvik asks: did you see the musicians there? Jeevika says I fell and you are imagining. Manas comes there and asks how was the music? Satvik says you say anything. Manas asks if you will feel bad. He says I am serious and says thakur toh gaya. Satvik says you left and runs behind her.

Shlok talks to Swara and tells her that Supriya has gone to jail and is being treated by the commissioner. Pradeep comes there. Swara gives him good news that Supriya is gone from their life. Pradeep is happy. Swara says she was talking to Shlok. Pradeep says Shlok. Swara says she called Aadhya but he picked up the call. Rajnandini tells Narayan that she has shortlisted candidates for accounting. Narayan says he has finalized the accountant and says Jeevika will lead the accounting investigation team. Rajnandini gets worried.

The episode ends.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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