Ajooni 14th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shanky comes close to killing Rajveer

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Scene 1
Ravindra wakes up so everyone rushes towards him. Harman asks her to wake you up; Shanky comes there and says wow, he too is awake but can’t get up. Bebe asks her to stay away, I know you are also behind this. Shanky says I killed the person who did this to him. Bebe slaps him and says you can’t do anything with our Rajveer. Shanky says go and check what I did. Harman shouts what did you do? Shank says you can see each other. Everyone is rushing you. Shanky tells Ravindra that if you don’t rest, I will make you rest. Ravindra goes to sleep again so Shanky leaves.

Harman and others are shocked to find Rajveer lying in the living room and shot dead. Bebe cries and asks him to wake up. Shanky comes there and smiles. Dolly cries for him too. Harman is shocked to see a dead Rajveer and remembers her moments with him. Amrit and Tajendra come there. Amrit makes drama and says how could Rajveer leave us like this? Tajendra tells Bebe that Shanky must be behind this, he is so shameless. Shanky laughs so Tajendra and Amrit also start laughing. Amrit tells Bebe that you must be dizzy seeing this. Tajendra says Ravindra is bedridden and his real son is dead. Amrit tells Bebe that Rajveer was the real heir of this house and he was your blood. Harman cries and asks Rajveer to wake up. Tajendra says Shanky is my real son and now the owner of this property. Bebe says you are lying. Tajendra says you can’t believe between truth and lie now. Amrit says Tajendra changed the kids but then Kaviri changed them again so that Rajveer will always be your son. We didn’t know that, but then we found out and started fooling you all. I changed the DNA test and took Rajveer from here. Tajendra says I wish Ravindra is here to see this drama. Shanky says I will bring him.

Scene 2
Ravindra is sleeping and remembers being shot when Rajveer was hugging him. He wakes up and tries to move, but falls into bed. Shanky comes there and laughs at him. He says you made me work like servants and now look at you, he pulls him up and puts him in a wheelchair. Shanky says you used to increase your power but now you will beg for money, you will be my servant even for water. He takes water and throws it in his face. Shanky says let’s show you what happens, he takes it from there.

Shanky brings Ravindra to Rajveer’s dead body. Bebe cries and says Rajveer is gone. Tajendra says your family is ruined, your elder son is useless and your Rajveer is dead. Your ego is broken, your lion is dead. I told you not to mess with me. You should touch your Rajveer one last time as he is dead. He takes him closer to Rajveer and pushes him from the wheelchair. Ravindra falls next to Rajveer and looks at him. Tajendra says we will rule this place from now on. Bebe says I am still owner of this house, we will call police now. Amrit laughs and says what will police do? they think Rajveer wanted to kill Ravindra so Shanky shot him while saving Ravindra. He would reward Shanky for that. Harvindar says Rajveer is his real son. Amrit says but you can’t prove it.

PRECAP – Ajooni is worried about Rajveer. His friend comes there and tells him that Shanky shot him dead. Ajooni faints hearing this. Tajendra tells Bebe that Shanky owns this place now, they drag Rajveer’s body from there.

Credit update to: Atiba

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