All shows affected by the WGA writers’ strike (so far)

all shows affected by the wga writers’ strike (so far)

The 2023 Writers Guild of America strike has changed Hollywood’s production plans.

With the end of the 2022-23 TV season, shows that are currently in season will not be affected by the strike. But as the final episodes of the seasons aired, renewed series were prepared to convene their writers’ rooms for the following seasons. The 2023-24 season is where we will really start to see the effects of the strike on television.

Production on certain titles was already underway when the strike began on May 2. Rings of Power Season 2, for example, was almost done with production when the strike caused them to change some plans (see below). Other shows such as House of the Dragon Season 2 also begins production as the scripts for the season were already locked.

One network seemingly unaffected by the strike so far is AMC. Conformable The colliderVARIOUS Walking dead and the Anne Rice Immortal Universe shows continue as planned with the following seasons.

Interview with the vampire Season 2 began production in April in Prague. At the time of publication, the series was still in active production. But production could be halted if/when it returns to the US

Streaming services are less likely to be hit hard by the strike than broadcast and cable networks (the strike is mainly because streaming services are not required to pay writers significant residuals). But still, streamers are not untouchable during this time. There are already a handful of streaming-only titles that are now in limbo until further notice.

Here, we’ve compiled the list of shows already affected by the 2023 writers’ strike (in alphabetical order). Keep an eye on this list as we continue to update it as the strike continues.

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