Anupama June 18, 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj is ashamed of his bad choices

Anupama 18th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama makes a paper airplane and remembers Hasmukh and his mother encouraging hr to follow his American dreams. She thinks she gave up last time, but this time no one can stop her from flying. Toshu warns Samar to control Dimpy when Dimpy insults him and reminds her how she betrayed her family by marrying twice without informing them. Dimpy says if she wants to elope and get married, Toshu and Pakhi did the same. Pakhi says their family is with them but Dimpy’s family disowned her. Dimpy says they are talking about family but doesn’t stop at all. She again taunts Toshu that he is unemployed and Kinjal has to do office work as well as home work and even take care of Pari. Leela taunts Dimpy for forcibly uprooting the academy and destroying it. Dimpy says she will stay at home and let Samar handle the academy then. Leela says her nephew can handle anything. Pakhi calls Dimpy as astin ka sanp/backstabber who stabbed Anupama forgetting her favors and kicked her out of her house befriending Barkha. Dimpy says Anupama herself is responsible for her situation and everyone wants to become like Anupama but she doesn’t want to.

Kinjal asks them to stop fighting and exaggerating the issue. Dimpy says she is not, she is not an 18th century DIL to tolerate MIL’s taunts, Leela has become an old nun who only knows how to make fun. Vanraj gets angry and warns Samar to stop his wife right now and says this house still belongs to him, his parents are still elders of this house and he will not tolerate insulting the elder; neither Anupama nor he tolerates the old man’s insult; they consider their DILs as their daughters and warns Dimpy to be a daughter and not dare to act like a mother. Dimpy is standing aside texting someone. Leela asks who she is informing about the drama after she set fire to their house. Dimpy says it is a work related message.

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