Anupama June 19, 2023 Written Episode Update: Leela chooses to leave Shah House

Anupama 19th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maaya imagines Anuj and Anupama hooking up together and shouts to stop. Then she realizes it’s her imagination. Shahs see Maaya’s drama at Anupama’s coronation event. Leela blames Anupama for letting such selfish people at her house. Pakhi says whoever gives Anupama shelter in her house turns out to be a traitor. Toshu says why Anupama only receives ungrateful people. Dimpy says Leela doesn’t understand but the youngsters don’t sympathize with a mentally ill patient either. Pakhi says Maaya is not mentally ill but shameless crowd. Dimpy fights everyone supporting Maaya. Pakhi and her quarrel begins. Samar supports Dimpy and fights with Pakhi. Dimpy humiliates even Kinjal. Leela asks them to stop. Anuj thinks that he has made a big mistake by trying to support Maaya and it is better if he transfers her to a mental asylum now. Maaya continues to imagine Anuj and Anupama’s love. Leela says she told them many times that Dimpy is not suitable for their house but no one listened. She asks Dimpy and Samar to come out of her house as she doesn’t want any chaos in her house. Dimpy says Leela always creates chaos. Leela repeats coming out of her house.

Kanta on the phone expresses her displeasure at Maaya’s shameless act during the event and blames Anuj for supporting Maaya. Anupama says she doesn’t want to discuss it as she has a lot of work to finish in 6 days. Kanta asks why she is going to Shah instead of letting Leela deal with her family issues. Anupama says her son and DIL belong to her. Kanta says Anupama is very simple but her ex MIL and new DIL very bad, she should not fall under their pressure. Anupama says not at all and asks him to prepare sweets for her. Kanta says she will prepare her favorite halwa. Anupama thinks let’s see what happens. Leela goes on to order Dimpy and Samar out of her house as they have made her house a living hell. Dimpy says that Leela has made her house hell and is a bully who disturbs everyone; let others tolerate her nonsense, but she will not; she will not leave this house and treat Leela the way she treats her. She taps her fingers and threatens Leela. Neighbors gather and laugh saying it’s their daily drama and it starts especially when a new DIL enters the house, Leela has a strong opponent this time.

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