Are Charity and Xavier on the same page before hometowns? (VIDEO)

are charity and xavier on the same page before hometowns? (video)

Things get serious as Charity Lawson’s search for love approaches her hometowns bachelorand StrippedPixel has an exclusive preview of the July 24 episode (airing at 8/7c).

Knowing what’s on the line and how he feels about her, Xavier is nervous when he sits down to talk to Charity in the clip. “I feel like I came from last week on a high and I feel so confident and sure about you and I want to know if this week has changed that for you?” she asks.

“I think for me, I’m scared to really commit to one person forever because it’s something I’ve never done before and I want to do it once, I want to do it right,” Xavier explains. “There must be no doubt about it.” Watch a full trailer above for more on Xavier and Charity’s reaction.

In this next episode, it’s a pivotal week in New Orleans, filled with unexpected encounters and shocking twists, with hometowns on the line. To kick things off, Charity and a special man explore the city while learning more about each other and the challenges their relationship will face. Then a surprising encounter in the bayou takes a turn as two men vie for Charity’s attention, and the next day, she invites one lucky man to the New Orleans Crescent City Classic. After a week of upheavals, the final group meeting of the season is Charity’s last chance to come clean before meeting families.

The six men still vying for Charity’s heart are: Aaron B., 29, a software salesman from San Diego, California; Dotun, 30, an integrative medicine consultant in Brooklyn, New York; Joseph “Joey,” 27, a tennis pro from Lawai, Hawaii; Sean, 25, a software sales representative from Tampa, Florida; Tanner, 30, a mortgage lender from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Xavier, 27, a biomedical scientist from Carrboro, North Carolina.

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