Barsatein July 24, 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh and Aradhna’s Dance

Barsatein 24th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Harsh and Bhakti arguing about Aradhna. He says we have to tell Aradhna her truth else she will repeat her mother’s mistake, we adopted her, gave her love. She says I am her mother. She is crying. He says try to understand, I love her, I care for her, she is following her mother’s path, you want her to be defamed, her mother gave birth to her out of wedlock and handed over the child to her friend, she should know this, Aradhna will make a big mistake in love. FB ends.

Aradhna says this was my truth, I didn’t know that, I didn’t know my world is a lie. FB shows Reyansh coming to Aradhna and asks if you are not meeting Krishnan. She says no. He puts down his coffee cup and takes her coffee cup. She drinks the coffee from his cup. He asks if you are really single. She says yes. He says ok then. he asks her again. She strokes his face. Ankhiyaan milaavaanga… play… Reyansh smiles seeing her. He goes to her and says you don’t have any friend. She says I had one, Mayank. She remembers Mayank. She says she went to Canada for a job, I don’t have any friend now, I should go. Reyansh smiles.

At home, Kaka takes coffee for Reyansh. Reyansh likes everything and smiles. Kaka says something is wrong, you had some disease like love. Reyansh says I don’t want coffee, I want green tea. He hears the music. Kaka says guests have come. Reyansh goes to see. He says you should have told me before. Vivek comes and hugs Reyansh. He dances. Kadambari comes and looks further. Reyansh says it is your 35th wedding anniversary, you are not 35 now. Vivek says I am happy and there is no tax on happiness, you are afraid of it. Reyansh says I m scared for you. Vivek asks her to smile. Kadambari says you have done a lot but it is ok for your happiness. Vivek says great. Reyansh taunts Kadambari. Reyansh says I am going to office. Vivek says you can’t go, it’s my office, office staff is coming, go and dance now. Reyansh goes and says I will shoot them or me. He goes.

Aradhna greets Harsh and Bhakti. Harsh gets angry and leaves. Aradhna says I am leaving, I will stay in office. Bhakti asks him to have food. Sunaina and Vikram come to the office. They ask what he is looking for in the office and what the bag is doing. Reyansh says I want to stay here. here comes Aradhna. She asks about the bag. Vikram says Reyansh will stay here. She asks me to stay here with you. Reyansh spit out the coffee. She says I didn’t mean this, I mean I have some problems, my parents are angry with me. Vikram says sorry, its because of me. Sunaina says Reyansh’s parents’ birthday celebrations are happening. Krishnan comes to meet Aradhna. Aradhna goes to him. Reyansh comes and sees them talking. He jokes and scares Krishnan.

She says I can take care, you can leave now. Reyansh is walking. Krishnan says SRK was the villain in Darr. She says he’s still the hero. Krishnan thanks her and holds her. Reyansh says personal work should be less in the office. He asks Aradhna to dance with him at the party. Krishnan jokes with him. Reyansh sings and walks towards him. Aradhna says I will dance with Krishnan’s sister, she is a choreographer, she will teach us to dance. Reyansh says ok but Krishnan is not invited.

At the party, Vivek asks the youngsters to dance. Aradhna says I called the choreographer. Reyansh says its fine, I will teach you. Aradhna says sorry for that day. Vivek says no, you have done a lot for my son, choreographer calls. Aradhna says she is here. She goes to Revati and asks why Krishna didn’t come. Reyansh shows the ring to Vikram. Vikram asks if the matter has come here, is it a ring or a promise stone based on intention. Reyansh says I will come. Aradhna and Revati come there. Reyansh says knock and come. Aradhna says we want some space to talk to Revati. She says I hacked your phone, you have to tell me the truth, who is the guy who is blackmailing you, Micky, right. Revati says I broke up with him but he is following me. She says I know such guys well, so I called him here, explain, we will handle it. Revati gets worried. Reyansh sings a new song. He dances. Pooja says I felt Reyansh can’t dance but see he is dancing, he is in love. Aradhna says no.

Reyansh and Aradhna dance on Saud akhara khara… Vivek says you opened the door of love and our son fell in love too. Kadambari smiles.

Kadambari says maybe Reyansh wants to give you the ring. Reyansh says I don’t want to fall in love. Pooja says Reyansh will love and hate extremely. Reyansh taunts Kadambari and gets slapped.

Credit update to: Amena

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