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Bekaboo Written Episode 17th June 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranav and Bela fighting the mysterious man with their combined powers. He asks Bela to go home, I will take your mother. She asks how can I leave my mother here. He says go and call Paatali, tell him. She says the masked man can fight with our powers. He asks her to go home. She thinks I won’t leave mom here, Ranav can’t fight the killer alone. Yamini catches Bela and pushes her down. Ranav goes and saves Deepa. He is attacked. He thinks who attacked me. He sees Parimaa there. He thinks it’s Bela’s mother, how did she get here. Parimaa asks where is Rajpari, tell me, Rakshas. Deepa asks who is she, Ranav. Parimaa asks Ranav to answer. She attacks him. He turns and defends himself.

He says you are wrong, I didn’t do wrong with Rajpari. Parimaa says I should have come before to save my daughter from you, you are a curse for her. He uses his powers and stops her. Bela asks Yamini what do you want. Yamini says Ranav and we all are Raksha, I will find out why mom likes you. She scratches Bela’s hand. Bela pushes her and runs away.

Paatali says Yamini won’t do anything to Bela else I will kill Yamini, don’t worry Ranav, I know you love Bela a lot. Ranav says yes, Bela is very special for me, if anyone sees her, then I will not leave that person. He asks Yamini not to worry, he will wipe Bela’s memory. He goes to Bela. Bela thanks for saving me and my mom. They start arguing. She says you Raksha have many enemies. It says like fairies you have many friends around. He says I have no other idea about this masked killer except this button. Bela checks the button and says I saw it somewhere. She remembers tailoring. She says I am sure I saw that button here. The man shows the button box. She checks. The man says I pinned this button on a woman’s coat, she didn’t tell her address, just the town. She says we used to stay in this locality in childhood. They go to town and meet Kaki. They ask about a woman wearing a long coat. Kaki says I don’t know but that house is strange, someone visits the house at night. Ranav asks Bela to come. They go to see. Ranav sees the lock. He breaks it and goes inside. She says we did not find anything here, why will that criminal come here. They come out and see Deepa. Deepa says I came here to meet pandit, what are you doing here. Bela says I came to show Ranav’s locality. Deepa says I showed your kundali to pandit, he said next days are hard, be careful, he gave these rings, wear it, it will protect you. Ranav and Bela leave. Deepa smiles seeing the house.

A lady enters the house at night and uses her evil powers. She wears the yellow mask with a smile. He takes it out and shows his face. It’s Deepa. She laughs and says Ranav, Paatali and Bela can never think of it. Deepa says I got kicked out of Parilok, I just had this bangle with me. He remembers meeting Ashwat. He says you… He shows Asi astra and gives it to her. She kills him. Her bracelet falls there. He has a scar on his hand. She goes and tells someone that she killed Ashwat from his words. She asks the man to take Asi Astra. She says we will both drive now.

She angrily throws things. She says I did a mistake and lost everything, there will be no mistake, Paatali told Ranav about me. She remembers hearing Ranav’s words. She says Bela saved you Ranav, I will kill Rajpari too, I don’t love Rajpari, I gave birth to her, but I hate Devlekha.

Deepa says Bela is not sleeping, she will sleep well when she takes hot milk. She is attacked by a mysterious man. She dies. Bela wakes up and calls Maa. She says this was my dream, mom is in danger because of me, Paatali and Yamini know my truth, this danger will increase, mom is not safe here, she always saved me, I have to leave her side. It is morning, Bela comes to Ranav. She says I want to talk to you. He’s on duty and says I don’t want to talk to you. She grabs his phone and says talk to me. Say give me the phone. Daddy says don’t fight like kids, solve the problem. Bela’s hair is pulled out. Ranav tossed the hair. Paatali thinks Bela is a fool, she doesn’t know that everything is valuable for Pari.

Yamini says Bela is a fairy. Bela says I feel tense today. Yamini kidnaps Bela and says all her powers are mine.

Credit update to: Amena

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