Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th June 2023 Episode Written Update: Tiwari files a complaint against Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rhusa tells Tillu that she wants to tell him something. Vibhu interrupts them and starts taking orders. Tillu says later bring us water for now. Vibhu keeps talking to Rhusa and Tillu gets irritated. Tiwari comes in his car and starts shouting at, why are they sitting in the middle of the road. Vibhu tells Tiwari why are you bothering our customers. Vibhu says no one will move. Rhusa gets angry and leaves. Tillu is caught between Tiwari and Vibhu’s feud. Tiwari pushes the tables with the car. Anu stops him and asks what is happening. Tiwari says Vibhu is taking my property, I have no way to reach parking lot. Anu tells Vibhu that you can’t harass anyone and asks Tiwari to park his car somewhere else for a day. Vibhu mocks Tiwari and says sell this car and buy a bike, it will be easy.

On Vibhu night, Anu and David count the money. Anu says she is so happy about the success. Anu says the credit goes to Chachaji. David blushes and says I just have a wish that gives us some money for alcohol. Anu gives Chachaji and Vibhu 100 lei each and says you deserve it and leaves. Vibhu shows Chachaji that he has kept some spare money for him.

The next day, Tiwari sees his entrance blocked and calls Vibhu and Anu outside and asks Vibhu why he kept these boxes here. Anu asks Vibhu how will he get out now, Vibhu says he can use kitchen window. Anu says its a good idea and asks Tiwari to use kitchen window and says my workers will clean it soon.

Tiwari visits Happu Singh at the police station and lodges a complaint against Annie Time Cafe. Happu asks whose owner is it. Tiwari says Anita Bhabhiji. Happu says how dare you file a complaint against Bhabhaiji. Manohar says no complaint will be filed till we get bribe. Tiwari says I knew and pays Happu. Happu says this is very little. Tiwari says he will pay more once the work is done.

The Commissioner takes his wife on a date at Aniie Time Cafe and she hates the place. Commissioner says we have heard a lot about this place and the coffee here. Vibhu greets her and insists her to try their coffee. He tastes it and loves it. She asks who made this coffee I want to kiss. Vibhu introduces David as a senior chef. The commissioner’s wife gets excited and is about to kiss David. The commissioner stops her and says don’t forget you are my wife.
The commissioner’s wife tips David 20 lei. The commissioner asks to use the toilet, his wife says she wants too. Vibhu says we have only one toilet. They say we will adapt.

Tiwari brings Happu and Manohar to the cafe and asks them to bulldoze the atmosphere. Happu says calm down, let me check first. David talks to Happu and says that Tiwari is just jealous of our success. Vibhu goes to Happu with the commissioner and his wife. The commissioner asks Happu who raised this complaint. Happu says Tiwari did it. Commissioner says how dare you get arrested and asks Happu not to dare to touch this cafe as it is very special for me, my wife kissed me for the first time today after our first thanks to David and Vibhu.

Teeka leaves with his order. Tiwari plucks it and throws it down. Teeka gets a call from the customer and he starts crying on the phone and leaves.

Pre cap: Angoori goes to Ammaji dressed as a student. Ammaji says go happily no one will stop you.
An agent tells Anu and Vibhu that someone has given him a contract to demolish this cafe. Vibhu and Anu say we will not spare him.

The commissioner tells Vibhu that he will have to close the cafe.

Credit update to: Tanaya

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