Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti’s Cafe Closes

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ammaji at Tiwari’s house, Angoori asks her to wait and says I have a surprise for you. Angoori dressed in western clothes walks towards Ammaji. Ammaji tells her that she looks very pretty and says you look just like a college girl. Angoori says they are going to cafe. Ammaji says go, don’t worry about Tiwari.

Tiwari sees Angoori and doesn’t recognize her. Angoori says I am your wife. Tiwari says my wife does not wear such clothes. Angoori says what is wrong in these. Tiwari says these are not decent. Angoori feels bad and comes in crying and complains to AMmaji about Tiwari’s behaviour. Ammaji says don’t cry, come with me. Ammaji asks Angoori to put a blanket on her and hide behind the bed. Tiwari enters the bedroom and says you slept early, Angoori. Angoori says I got bored. Tiwari says listen, my Ammaji has lost her and after all she is aged now so don’t listen to Ammaji. Angoori comes out from behind the bed and Ammaji removes the blanket and scolds Tiwari.

Tiwari visits Jorawar Pehlwan. Jorawar welcomes him. Tiwari says this is really a house of Pehlwan. Jorawar says yes, I am the famous pehlwan. Tiwari says I want to create mischief and destroy property in Annie Time Cafe. Jorawar says it will be done and it will cost 10,000 lei. Tiwari agrees and then thinks, let me see how they run the cafe.

Tiwari goes to a cafe and calls Vibhu disrespectfully. Vibhu says speak properly else who knows you will spit coffee. Jorawar reaches cafe and sees Anu and greets her and says we will meet after college its so much. Anu says he is so cute and introduces Vibhu. Vibhu asks if they met as his face looks familiar. Jorawar says no and then tells them about the contract given. Tiwari listens to the conversation and gets scared. Anu asks who gave you the contract. Jorawar says sorry, I can’t tell you about his name, it is confidential. Anu says she is having some coffee anyway and asks Vibhu to bring them coffee.

Anu sees Tiwari and asks them to join them. Jorawar and Tiwari see each other. Anu gets a call, she quickly introduces them to each other and leaves. Jorawar scolds Tiwari for being such a rude neighbor. Tiwari asks his advance back. Jorawar says shut up and send the remaining amount too.

Anu says to Vibhu, I am so happy to see my hard work blossoming so well. Fericit and the commissioner enter the cafe. The commissioner looks beaten. Vibhu says I will give you a good cup of coffee and all your pain will go away. The commissioner says it won’t be possible because unfortunately I will have to close the shop. Anu asks what is wrong. The commissioner says it’s sad my wife has food poisoning, it wasn’t near your cafe but I’ve tried many other restaurants. Anu says then why close ours? Happu says if the commissioner doesn’t close your cafe, his wife won’t spare him.

Angoori next day takes tea for Tiwari and says she wants to drive to Mumbai and Delhi. Tiwari says even I am thinking let’s call a driver and go on a tour. Lawyer says sorry but your dream will not be possible as this car is not his anymore, there was confusion about the name, it is for Tanmohan Tiwari. Angoori says oh so brother in law understands. The lawyer says here is a letter for you from Dadaji and takes the keys and leaves. Angoori reads the letter that Tiwari is a fake person, he never cared about his grandfather and now he wants the car which has 5 million diamonds in the main wheel. Tiwari in shock.

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