Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: David loses his identity due to shock

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu, Vibhu and David are waiting for an important call. David is annoyed by the sales call. Vibhu says calm down, we will celebrate, soon you will be a millionaire. Vibhu says I will show my luxury now. Everyone gets excited.

Tiwari leaves for work for 3-4 days in Delhi. Angoori says I will miss you how will I live without you. Tiwari says don’t worry you will be fine and remember without me you won’t trust anyone especially Vibhu. Angoori says why to be so angry he is our neighbour. Tiwari says he is but he always looks at our wealth. Tiwari sees Saxena in the car and asks her what look is this. Saxena says I am urdu and arabic lecturer now. Tiwari says you and your new papers, anyway drop me at railway station. Saxena says you are so cheap why not. Tiwari slaps him and sits with him.

David gets a phone call and starts crying with joy. Anu and Vibhu celebrate with him. David freezes while dancing and starts talking strangely and says go take care of the kebabs on the stall. Vibhu asks what is wrong with you, come to celebrate we are millionaires now. David continues to insist that he is a kebab seller and appoints Vibhu as his assistant. David doesn’t recognize Anu either. Vibhu says to Anu, we have to check something wrong. Vibhu makes David sit and asks how he is feeling. David continues to talk like a kebab seller and talks about his chickens and sheep. Vibhu whispers that we need to take him to a psychiatrist and his voice changes. Anu says you are right.

Gupta examines David and tells Vibhu and Anu that, David is in shock, he is not able to handle a bit of happiness. Anu says what can be done. Gupta says we have to operate him but he is old and the operation may be bad. Does Anu say any other option?
Gupta says he has to revive his old habits daily and that will bring back his memory. Vibhu says I will do my best. Anu asks Gupta to keep this matter confidential. Gupta says once I get fees I will not talk about it but I am sure Vibhu will. Anus says Gupta is right, Vibhu you have to hide him, especially from Angoori. Vibhu says fine.

Vibhu Angoori thinks of Tiwari’s swords to stay away from Vibhu. Angoori asks how is he?
Vibhu says its not really good, after so long I got Biryani and I wanted it but now again its gone. Angoori says I feel sad, go to Dharamshala near Afinkotti. Vibhu says you and your innocence anyway. Angoori says if you want I can make you some biryani. Vibhu says he will not help.
Vibhu starts imagining Angoori rushing towards her and into his arms. Vibhu opens his eyes and sees a man.

Gupta asks Prem from the tea stall about his monthly income. Prem says lakh what about you, Gupta says enough. The master starts laughing and says what rubbish, you earn so much and then you also get commission. Prem says why are you laughing and take all.
Teeka and Tillu hear this and say except we all are working. Prem says you have to have attitude. Gupta specifically tells Tillu that he has work to do, but he doesn’t work at all. Prem abuses them. Rhusa goes to them and says Prem is right, you are just a useless bunch of unemployed boys. Everyone is working hard here except Vibhu but his wife is working hard and leading the living with grace but you two are useless. I hate you two and I’m ashamed. Teeka says you are insulting us Rhusa. Tillu says we gave you our heart and you are harming us. Rhusa says you should be ashamed of yourself, don’t show my face and leaves.

Pre head:
Vibhu tells Anu, Chachaji is just talking about chickens and sheep. Anu says what will we do now.
Vibhu on duty with Prem asks where is the dancer. Prem says he is already there and playing.
Vibhu goes for the checks and sees the dancer dancing and having fun with Angoori. Angoori looks at Vibhu and thinks about Tiwari’s words to stay away from Vibhu.

Credit update to: Tanaya

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