“Bigg Boss OTT 2: Akanksha Puri exposed for ‘False Behaviour’; Bigg Boss warns, ‘There is no room for pretense here’

“Bigg Boss OTT 2: Akanksha Puri exposed for ‘False Behaviour’; Bigg Boss Warns: ‘No Pretense Here’

Within just a week of its inception, Bigg Boss OTT 2 has created waves in the media. From constant conflicts to budding friendships, the audience is completely engaged in the show. In a recent promo, Bigg Boss called out Akanksha Puri for her alleged ‘fake behaviour’. The actress and reality TV star found herself exposed as Bigg Boss showed footage showing instances of her faking tears and displaying disingenuous behaviour.

The promo features Bigg Boss unveiling a ‘Fake Alert’ poster to the contestants, creating curiosity and speculation among them. They gather in the living room, anticipating the reason behind the announcement, some even speculating the entry of a new competitor.

To everyone’s surprise, Akanksha Puri became the target of Bigg Boss’ revelation. He exclaimed, “Wow, Akanksha, wow! You’ve been faking it since the beginning of the show. From shedding fake tears to pretending to be happy, is this the extent of your deception wherever you go? He added sternly, “This show has no place for pretend and fake individuals.” Manisha Rani expressed her opinion to Pooja Bhatt stating, “I don’t think she should cry over such an issue.”

The promo left many show attendees in a state of shock, and netizens also had mixed reactions to the revelations. Some agreed with Bigg Boss’ assessment and criticized Akanksha Puri on social media, while others defended her, saying that her behavior on the show is in line with her true character and that she is not faking anything .

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