Black Sails New Season Start Date Canceled? (2023)

Black Sails New Season Start Date: Black Sails, an American Adventure and historical TV series, garnered critical acclaim. It first premiered on the premium cable channel, Starz, on January 25, 2014.

Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form produced the series, while Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine created it.

The series set in the late 18th century and followed the Pirate community residing on New Providence Island in the West Indies.

It loosely based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous Treasure Island novel, which he published in early 1883.

Black Sails Season 5 Release Date Status: Canceled

Starz have canceled the series and there will be no new season.

The series finale of the Fourth Season aired on 2nd April 2017, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the story of the Pirates of New Providence Island.

Unfortunately, Starz announced the official cancellation of Season Five of Black Sails, much to the disappointment of fans all around the globe, despite its success.

The series had already reached its natural conclusion with the ending of the Fourth Season, which saw the story wrap up nicely, leaving many to wonder what direction the Fifth Season could have taken.


The Show was particularly popular among the 18-49 demographic, drawing in an average of 501,000 viewers per Episode during its run.

It holds an 81% certified fresh rating on RottenTomatoes and 8.3/10 on IMDB.

Black Sails New Season Start Date

Throughout its 4 seasons, Black Sails was praised for its stunning visuals, intriguing storyline, and the compelling performances of its talented ensemble cast, including Toby Stephens, who played the central character of Captain Flint.

Black Sails was well received by audiences and fans alike and was available to watch on cable TV as well as on YouTube and other streaming services (Amazon PrimeVideo) and video-on-demand platforms (Vudu).

Treasure Island is Inspiration for the Series

Starz’s official synopsis of the show described the series as a prequel to the events of Treasure Island.

“Follows the adventure of Captain Flint who is on the path of becoming the most feared Pirate of his time.”

The series also explored the lives of other infamous Pirate Characters (from the same period) such as Long John Silver, Anne Bonny, Jack Rackham, & William “Billy Bones” Manderly.


Here are all the cast members that appeared in Black Sails Season 4

Toby StephensCaptain Flint
Hannah NewEleanor Guthrie
Luke ArnoldLong John Silver
Jessica Parker KennedyMax
Tom HopperBilly Bones
Zach McGowanCharles Vane
Toby SchmitzJack Rackham
Clara PagetAnne Bonny
Mark RyanHal Gates
Hakeem Kae-KazimMr. Scott
Sean Cameron MichaelRichard Guthrie
Louise BarnesMiranda Hamilton/Barlow
Rupert Penry-JonesLord Thomas Hamilton
Luke RobertsWoodes Rogers
Ray StevensonEdward Teach
David WilmotIsrael Hands
Harriet WalterMarion Guthrie

The series was set against the backdrop of the struggle for control of Nassau, a pirate republic in the West Indies.

It continues with the efforts of the British government to stamp out piracy in the region.

Black Sails’ complex and multi-layered storyline were driven by the relationships between its central characters, including Captain Flint, Hannah New, Eleanor Guthrie, Luke Arnold, & Jessica Parker Kennedy, to name but a few.

Despite the Cancelation of the Fifth Season, the series did not go entirely unanswered, with several spin-offs being proposed by fans as well as critics.

Black Sails Season 4 Ending

Here is a summary of what happened in the Season 4 Finale *SPOILERS*

  • Black Sails season 4 was the final Season of the show
  • The Season ended with the death of key characters, including Captain Flint & Long John Silver
  • The British Navy successfully took control of Nassau, but the pirates continued to resist
  • Anne Bonny, Jack Rackham, And Max helped establish a new Pirate republic
  • Eleanor Guthrie was killed in a failed attempt to negotiate with the British
  • Flint’s plan to sail to the mythical Treasure of Urca de Lima was left unfinished
  • The season wrapped up the storylines of the characters and the story of New Providence Island.

What to watch after Black Sails

You can watch the Vikings series after Black Sails.

We might sound like a broken horn but we will say it again that the show’s cast was nothing short of incredible, with Toby Stephens delivering a powerhouse performance as Captain Flint.

Can you imagine anyone else playing this strong character, a man torn between his love for the pirate life and his demons?

Other standout performances included Luke Arnold as Long John Silver, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Max, Tom Hopper as Billy Bones, and Toby Schmitz as Jack Rackham.

Clara Paget also shone as the fiery Anne Bonny, while Luke Roberts and Ray Stevenson brought gravitas and depth to their respective roles as Woodes Rogers and Edward Teach.

What Made Black Sails unforgettable?

The visual effects, the makeup, the cinematography, the soundtrack, and the costumes are now cited as the best features of the series.

The stunning vistas of the West Indies were beautifully captured whereas the ships at sea were brought to life in stunning detail/

Black Sails was also praised for its well-researched attention to even tiny details.

It was reported that the production team of Black Sails went to great lengths to ensure that the world of the Pirate Republic of Nassau is brought to life in all its glory.

Despite its cancelation, Black Sails remains one of the most well-loved and well-regarded series of all time.

Black sails season 5 reddit Theories?

Do read about fan theories regarding Black sails Season 5.

Is there a black sails spin-off?

There is no official spin-off of Black Sails.

Was Billy Bones a real pirate?

No Billy Boones was not a real Pirate. He is a fictional character specially created for Black Sails.

Will there ever be a sequel to Black Sails?

No, there won’t be a sequel to Black Sails.

How Many Episodes in season 4 of Black Sails

There are 10 Episodes in the Fourth Season of Black Sails.

How can I watch Black Sails 2023?

The TV show is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

How many seasons will Black Sails have?

Black Sails has 4 seasons with 38 Episodes in total.

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