HOMEMonitor Text MessagesAndroid tool to monitor who my husband is talking to from my phone

Android tool to monitor who my husband is talking to from my phone

Many men cannot resist the temptation of the outside world, betray their husband and wife's promise, and engage in unfaithful behavior. What does it mean if a man frequently cheats on a woman? Is he really in love with this woman? Not necessarily, the reasons are complicated. How does it feel for a man to cheat on the same person for a long time? This article tells you.

How does it feel for a man to cheat on the same person for a long time? What does it mean if a man frequently cheats on a woman?

1. He thinks cheating is normal

A question that is often discussed on the Internet is, can a man cheat only 0 times or multiple times?

How to check deleted text messages on boyfriend's phone? The answers below are basically answered multiple times, which may be a true portrayal of life. Some social concepts such as "every man makes mistakes" have been deeply rooted in the hearts of many men. How to track who husband is talking to from other phones without password?

How to check deleted text messages on my wife's phone? For some men, he thinks cheating is not a big deal, and his perception will not change just because his partner easily forgives him. Therefore, he will cheat again and again. How to monitor who your husband is talking to for free without hacking?

You have to know that it is difficult for a person's core values to change unless this matter triggers his fundamental interests.If you face a man cheating on you and give him a chance every time, he will not consciously want to correct it.

2. He is very selfish

Android tool to find out who your girlfriend is talking to online. Men usually cheat to satisfy their own desires. However, he rarely considers the harm that cheating will bring to his partner, especially if he cheats on the same woman for a long time. Free spy app to find out who your husband is talking to.

How can I monitor my girlfriend's call recordings from my phone without being discovered? In the minds of some women, frequent cheating by their husbands means that they are unattractive and that their husband's heart is not in her. She may do some groveling things in order to win back her husband. However, such an approach will only detract from her self-worth and will not improve her marital relationship.

3. He has no responsibility

Android tool to monitor who your wife is talking to from another phone. When a man cheats, excluding the issue of his bad character, in essence, there is a big problem in the marriage of two people. For example, two people often criticize, blame, shirk responsibilities, and be cold-blooded; two people rarely spend time with each other, making one of them feel lonely and cold; two people are not willing to take the initiative to contribute to the other half, or pay proportionately Not proportional; when you are depressed, you do not receive timely comfort and support, etc.

Some men, because it is too painful to face up to the problem and too difficult to change themselves, choose to cheat to avoid problems in marriage and to comfort themselves for the hurt they have suffered in marriage.In essence, it is because he lacks responsibility and the courage to face marital problems and improve himself.

If his wife finds out, he may find various excuses to defend himself, such as "You are not considerate at all", "You are too controlling and suffocate me", "I just made the same mistakes that men all over the world make".

4. He enjoys being surrounded by stars and the moon

In ancient times, the three wives and four concubines were not only influenced by the customs of feudal society, but also partly because most men pursued status and power. The more women who like him, the easier it is for him to feel superior, and he enjoys this feeling of being surrounded by stars.

5. His interests are not harmed

Approach-avoidance conflict theory states that if the benefits of something outweigh the disadvantages, we will tend to do it.

If a man repeatedly cheats on a woman, it means that what he gains from this woman is much greater than what he loses by cheating. For example, this woman can bring him emotional value, increase his self-confidence, and make his sense of existence overwhelming, which he rarely gets from his partner. In addition, the reason why he is currently unwilling to divorce for his mistress is that he may suffer criticism and his work may be affected. Therefore, after weighing the consequences, he chose not to divorce and maintain a long-term relationship with his mistress.

How does it feel for a man to cheat on the same person for a long time? What does it mean if a man frequently cheats on a woman? It may be that he thinks cheating is normal; he is selfish; he is not responsible; he enjoys being surrounded by stars; his interests are not harmed.