Caitriona Balfe Talks Filming Shocking Claire Premiere Moment (VIDEO)

caitriona balfe talks filming shocking claire premiere moment (video)

“It’s always weird when you shoot these things where you have to put yourself in the precipice of death.” Outlander star Caitriona Balfe told us about filming that shocking opening moment of the Season 7 premiere, in which her character, time-traveling doctor Claire Fraser, appears to be hanged for murder.

In the first episode of our weekly Outlander after the show Inside the Outlander, actress shares behind-the-scenes details about filming that scene and others in the long-awaited return of the romantic saga, including the moment Claire reunites with her husband Jamie (Sam Heughan).

“This couple, whenever they’re torn apart, whenever they’re separated, it’s like losing a limb, and every time they come back together it’s like their whole life force comes back to them. They don’t fully function without each other,” Balfe tells us.

She also hints at what’s to come: “There’s a lot of trauma this season, but Claire is more mentally able to deal with it (than last season).”

Balfe then reveals that we haven’t seen the last of Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones), Claire’s unexpected savior in the season premiere. The actress promises more twists and turns in that story.

Watch the video above for more from Balfe about shooting that shipboard scene with Jones; the first time he worked as a director on the series (he directed a scene with Sophie Skelton, who plays Claire’s daughter Bree); what she learned about women on the battlefield in the American Revolution; and how Jamie’s wartime challenges will affect the couple.

Check back each week for insight into a new episode of Outlander from the stars themselves. Next up: Sam Heughan!

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