Cezanne Khan’s alleged wife, Aisha Pirani, accuses him of domestic violence; File an FIR

Aisha Pirani, who claims to be the still ‘married’ wife of Kasauti Zindagi Kay actor Cezanne Khan, has filed an FIR against him, accusing him of domestic violence and extortion. Aisha, in an interview from the US, gave details about filing the FIR, her desire to get a legal divorce under Muslim law and much more.

When asked about the reason for filing the FIR against Cezanne Khan, Aisha explained that he cheated her and used her to get a US Green Card. She claimed she spent all her money on him from 2013 to 2016 while he stayed at home. Aisha mentioned that she has proof of all bills and expenses paid with her credit card. Initially, she had overlooked these issues, choosing not to confront him. However, when Cezanne referred to her as an “obsessive fan” in an earlier report, she decided she could no longer tolerate his defamatory statements. Aisha pointed out that he insulted her and accused her of transforming the images. She also revealed that during his stay with her, he acted foolishly in front of her children, causing them emotional pain and leaving them without goodwill towards him. Despite signing the divorce papers fraudulently, Aisha, as a Muslim woman, still considers herself married according to Islamic law. She expressed her desire to recover the money she spent on Cezanne and to seek compensation for the mental trauma she suffered. Aisha stated that she wanted a legal divorce (“khulanama”) according to Muslim law.

Regarding her visit to India to file the FIR, Aisha confirmed that she filed it on June 7. Although he currently lives in the US, he felt the need to come to India because Cezanne was sending him messages and suspected that he had married his girlfriend. Aisha mentioned that she presented the voice notes sent by Cezanne and his girlfriend to the police as evidence.

Addressing Cezanne’s claims that they never married and that she altered the images, Aisha claimed that he was lying. She claimed she had witnesses who could testify to the truth and accused Cezanne of engaging in fraudulent activities, including possessing two birth certificates. Aisha believed that Cezanne projected her own fault onto others.

Asked about meeting Cezanne during her visit to file the FIR, Aisha mentioned that she did not get a chance to meet him this time. However, the previous year she had tried to speak to him when she visited his Yari Road residence with her niece. Cezanne saw her but ran away, refusing to engage in conversation. Aisha reiterated her intention to move on from the marriage and mentioned rumors that Cezanne had been married to a woman named Afsheen for the past four years, although she was unsure of the truth behind the rumours. Aisha clarified that she did not get a chance to speak to Afsheen during her visit to Cezanne’s residence.

As for the compensation she sought, Aisha stated that she had asked for Rs 8 lakh, which was only a part of the money she spent on Cezanne. She clarified that she spent more and did it with a pure heart. However, her children were aware of Cezanne’s actions and held deep resentment towards him. Aisha accused him of using her to obtain a Green Card and manipulating her for financial gain. She noted that she had bills to back up her claims and expressed disbelief that he could deny the truth.

Aisha’s lawyer Yasmeen Wankhede confirmed that an FIR has been registered against Cezanne Khan at the Versova police station for defamation of a woman, domestic violence and financial fraud. They are now awaiting further action from the police.

The controversy surrounding Cezanne Khan and Aisha Pirani dates back to 2021 when Cezanne expressed his desire to get married. At that time, Aisha, an American citizen formerly known as Aisha Merchant, claimed that she was married to Cezanne between 2015 and 2017. She questioned why Cezanne hid his previous marriage. In response, Cezanne denied the claims and referred to Aisha as the sister of his cousin’s wife in Karachi. He dismissed her allegations as fabrication and cited her obsessive behavior as the reason for her persistence in spreading false information.

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