‘Danger!’ Fans Debate Taylor Swift ‘Tough Ticket’ Daily Double Clue

‘danger!’ fans debate taylor swift ‘tough ticket’ daily double clue

(Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for the Wednesday, June 21, 2023 episode of Danger!)

Danger! fans question the merits of a Taylor Swift-themed Daily Double from the June 21, 2023 episode, which, like his response, was a “hard” one for a player to understand.

Wednesday’s game featured returning champion Ben Goldstein, Nabeela Rahman and Lee Papa. The clue in question was the third Daily Double of the night, found by Ben in the “alliteration” category during the second round of play. “In 2022, getting a chance to see Taylor Swift in concert was the definition of this provocative phrase,” the clue read, referencing the Ticketmaster fiasco for Swift’s Eras tour last year. The correct answer was “What is a hard ticket?” But Ben had no guesses to give.

Fans from Danger! Reddit page i agree it was a head scratcher not because it was particularly difficult but because of the clue argument that “hard ticket” is a well known phrase.

“Tough Ticket is a strange phrase, and considering it barely appears on Google,” one Reddit user commented. “Where do the writers get that?” As one viewer responded: “Yeah, that’s not a thing. Weird hint,” wrote another, “I’ve heard the phrase ‘This is the toughest ticket in town’ in reference to a hot Broadway show, but it might be kind of old.”

A self-proclaimed “old-timer” said he had heard “hard billet” used before, but didn’t think it was a universally common expression.

“I’m an early bird and I can see them saying something like, ‘this is a hard ticket to find,'” they said. “But I don’t think of hard ticket as an expression. Tough is just the adjective there. The golden ticket, the ticket to travel, the ticket out of here – these are phrases. The writers have just been terrible lately and I feel for the contestants especially last week.”

“I heard the line, but it was an odd choice for a DD,” remarked one fan. “‘I just made something up in my head and now you have to guess what I’m thinking’ is a terrible format for a Jeopardy clue,” said another. “Yesterday’s movie category was basically the same thing.”

Another commenter came up with other Swift-inspired alliterations. “I’ve (barely) heard of a ‘hard ticket’, but a hard ticket? Really? At that point, what’s to stop me from saying ‘tour tensions’ or ‘Eras ​​ennui’ when I refer to how hard it is to get Taylor Swift tickets these days?” they said. And as another fan quipped: “Any reason ‘show show’ wouldn’t have been accepted?”

One viewer came to the writers’ defense by sharing Google search results for both “hard ticket” and “hard ticket.” With over 50K results for the former and over 11K for the latter, it’s clearly not completely unheard of. Although, Googling any of these phrases without the quotes mostly returns results for the definition of “heavy bill”.

In the end, losing the Daily Double didn’t hinder Ben’s overall game. The final results were Ben in first place with $16,000, Nabeela in second place with $12,200 and Lee in third place with $3,199.

What do you think of the “hard ticket” Daily Double? It was an answer as “weird” as it was Danger! The reddit board implies? Tell us in the comments and see fan reactions to the episode below. It seems the “hard ticket” wasn’t the only thing bothering viewers tonight.

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