Dheere Dheere Se 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Vidya’s Birthday Celebrations

Dheere Dheere Se 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with everyone getting ready for Vidya’s birthday. Amit tells Aarushi that he bought her saree and has orders for samosas and jalebis for her. He asks her to click her good pictures as Vidya is one in lakhs. Aarushi says yes dad. Amit says my vidya will be very happy. Bhawna gets angry and thinks bhabhi has put her in dilemma. He says I will go and bring Vidya home. Bhawna says I will also come with you. Amit gets tensed and says there is so much work here and asks her to do the work. Bhawna says work will be done here and says I will come to help you. She says you are going to hospital to bring Bhabhi from hospital where her mother was admitted. Amit refuses. Aarushi asks her to take chachi and says if you tell mom everything about the surprise. Amit says ok. They were leaving. Amit asks Vidya why didn’t you tell me? Vidya thinks Bhawna told her. He asks me why your father kept half a bill in my name. Vidya says she didn’t have much money. She tells him that she will pay him money next month. He asks her to hide her injuries with makeup and tells her that Bhawna is coming. Vidya says ok. He goes out. Bhawna comes inside and gets teary eyed seeing Vidya making up her face to hide her injuries. She tells him that Amit gave her injuries, which she is hiding from everyone. Amit comes there. Vidya hugs her and says Bhawna has come. Amit says I know. Bhawna says she missed her and felt like she is not here for 2 years. Amit says even she missed her a lot and says he won’t let her go from his sight. Bhawna says even I will not let her go from my sight.

Vidya comes home. Bhawna holds her hand. Aarushi hugs Vidya. Everyone wishes him a happy birthday. Raghav tells Bhawna that it is a trauma that continues in all generations. Bhawna asks what is the way to break this. Raghav tells Vidya that she is not ready to break this so we will because we are not afraid of anyone. Amit shows the hammer cake and asks Vidya to break it. Bhawna says it looks like you want to break someone’s hand and legs. Everyone is watching. Vidya breaks the cake with the hammer and goes to Bhawna to feed her cake. Bhanu says it seems Vidya loves her dewrani more than her husband. He says it’s a unique thing. Vidya says we don’t have blood relation but love relation. She says we are like sisters. Bhawna prays for her happiness and says if trouble comes your way, I will protect her. Vidya then gives cake to Amit. Amit bites his fingers and says sorry. Bhawna says I will cut the cake. She throws the knife on his leg purposely and asks what happened? Amit says its ok, you didn’t do it on purpose. Aarushi says they will dance. They are dancing. Babu ji says they will celebrate like this and asks whose birthday is next. Brij Mohan says now we will leave.

Amit takes Vidya to the room remembering Bhawna’s words. Malini stops Bhawna and asks her to finish the work. Amit asks Vidya to answer yes or no and says if you lie then consequences will be bad. He removes his belt and asks did you tell everything to Bhawna. Vidya says no. Amit says he wants to know from her. Vidya says I didn’t tell her. Amit is about to beat her with the belt when Bhawna comes and hits her with the broom.

Precap: Bhawna defeats Amit on the way. Vidya asks Bhawna to stop. Amit asks Vidya to forgive him. Bhawna asks Vidya not to believe her lies.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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