Doosri Maa 15th June 2023 Episode Written Update: Mahua happily cuts the electricity cable

Doosri Maa 15th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Yashoda coming to a school and coming to the principal. He shows his degree certificates and other documents. She asks him to give her a teaching job. Krishna prays to get a job. The manager says you’re overqualified, but we can’t offer you a job. He asks why you don’t get a job at your children’s school. Yashoda says it’s a big school and it’s difficult to get a job there without teacher training. The director tells her that everyone knows that her husband ran away and she kept her son to the sautan. He says what the children will learn by seeing you. Yashoda assures that she will keep her personal issues to herself. The principal calls Peon and asks if he knows her. Peon says yes and says her husband left her etc. Yashoda says when my husband left me, how can I expect others. The director says she should have controlled her husband. Yashoda says I see how a man covers another’s mistake by accusing a woman. She leaves there and cries. Amma goes home and sees Yashoda crying sitting on the roadside. Yashoda tells him everything. Amma says they are men and expresses her sorrows to the woman using Ashok.

Kamini tells Krishna that she will cut the lights, starting from Aastha-Nupur’s room, Yashoda’s room and then this study room. Krishna says lady will pay the money and I will also work. He asks her not to cut the lights. Kamini says they will understand that they had the eclipse because of you.

He sees Yashoda and Amma coming. He asks Yashoda if she got money. Yashoda says no but I will earn money. Kamini says I will cut the thread. Amma asks him to go to her house. Kamini insults Yashoda. Amma raises her hand to slap Kamini but Babu ji comes and stops Amma. He says Ashok ran away and now daughter wants to support them. He asks Kamini to switch off the lights and leaves. Kamini goes to him and asks him to switch off the lights. Babu ji hesitated. Kamini says she knows his soul doesn’t give him permission to do this, but if he wants Ashok to come back, then do it. Amma hears her and asks Babu ji not to listen to her. Babu ji says light will be cut now. I had warned Yashoda, if she did not bring money, then it is not my fault. Kamini reminds Krishna that he said he will take care of them and says you can’t stop him. Krishna asks him to stop and takes the phone from Yashoda and says that he will make a video and show it to Ashok when he returns. Amma asks babu ji not to cut the thread. Kamini gets angry and asks him to cut the thread. Amma says don’t cut the thread.

Mahua comes there and says he will cut the wire and he has no shame and no regret if he cuts the wire. Amma reminds her to think about whatever Ashok and Yashoda have done for them. Mahua remembers that Yashoda slapped her and says she can’t forget and says she is the only bahu after dividing the house and thinking about the peace of the house. Amma says you will not cut the thread. Babu ji asks him to cut and leaves. Krishna asks Mahua not to cut the thread. Kamini asks him to cut the thread. Mahua taunts Krishna and very happily cuts the threads to disturb her.

Yashoda tells Krishna that they didn’t just cut the light and tells him that they won’t do anything. Krishna says if she doesn’t fight for her rights then he will fight for her rights.

The episode ends.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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