Faltu June 17, 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan saves Faltu

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The episode starts with Ayaan asking Faltu to play well and not get angry. Faltu asks him not to waste time and leave. He asks me why are you sending me to the office, relax, don’t stress, don’t worry about me, I’m here to support you, not to judge, go and play well. Shanaya hugs her. Reporters interview Ruhaans. Ruhaan says I came to support my sister. He goes to Ayaan and says I got the notification so now you are interested in the cricket match. He asks Faltu to come aside for a discussion. Ayaan glared angrily. Ruhaan holds Faltu’s hand and asks if everything is fine. Shanaya shows necklace pic and says Ruhaan gifted it to Faltu but she refused to accept it, maybe she didn’t like it, tell me, what jewelery does she like. Ayaan thinks why did he hide a big thing. Ruhaan asks Faltu to play carefully and no one should know his plan. He warns her. Ruhaan cares about Shanaya. She takes it with her.

Ayaan asks how did he touch you. Faltu says by mistake, he asked me to take care of Shanaya. Ayaan hugs her. Wish him all the best. He says today we will celebrate your victory. Tanu directs media reporters. Reporters talk about Faltu being caught in the act. Coach asks Shanaya to get ready quickly. Shanaya goes to the bathroom. She says I can’t lose. Faltu says you wear a mask and leave there, stay in public and come back here when I come. She goes to change and prays. Ayaan thinks something wrong is happening. He sees Ruhaan. The coach asks the girls to give their best. Ayaan says I have to talk to Faltu. He is shocked to hear the reporters saying that Faltu will play by the name Shanaya. He says it means Faltu is playing Shanaya, no she can’t lie to me. Reporters stop Faltu. Ayaan sees her and says if it is Faltu then everything will end. The reporters ask Shanaya to take off her mask. Ayaan thinks to confirm. Coach says Shanaya has an allergy, she has to wear a mask. Reporter says we got news that this is Faltu who is playing Shanaya. Faltu tenses up. Coach asks what nonsense, let’s go. The reporters say we want to see his face. Ayaan says what, Sachin came to see trials. Reporters run to see Sachin. Ayaan takes Faltu with him. The reporters are looking for Shanaya. Shanaya returns. I ask Shanaya to remove the mask. The lady removes Shanaya’s mask and sees her. Ayaan and Faltu are hiding. He remembers exposing Faltu. He asks where is Shanaya, call her here. Faltu calls Shanaya. Shanaya asks how did you come so early. He says wear the mask, go out and stand. The reporters question Shanaya and ask her where Faltu is. Ruhaan comes and answers them. Shanaya and Ruhaan lie. Faltu comes there and says I’m here, what’s the problem. She lies to them. Ruhaan says you can blame but I will see. The reporter says we will find Shanaya playing, we got information that she has a wrist injury, she can’t play, we will know the truth now.

The head of the academy scolds Faltu and Shanaya. Coach says Shanaya proved herself on the court, I saw her abnormal wrist movement, she didn’t tell me anything. Ruhaan defends Shanaya. The man scolded Faltu for cheating. Ayaan gets angry. He removes Faltu’s hand. Shanaya lies and says my hand is fine. The man says ok we will check. Ruhaan says he will not give any physical test. The man says he has to take the test, the press is waiting for the result, they won’t agree until they see Shanaya play. He holds Shanaya’s hand and checks. Shanaya screamed. Ruhaan says leave it. He hugs Shanaya. The man says you said your hand is fine, what is this, how can you lie, your career can be ruined. He asks the coach to prepare the termination letter. Ruhaan says no, press has seen Shanaya. He asks Ayaan to say something. Ayaan says I don’t know anything. The man says we only have this option to lie to the media.

Ayaan brings Faltu home and breaks her stick in anger. Faltu says please don’t do this. Ayaan burns the bat. He says I am ending this cricket bond between us forever.

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