Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 Release Date (2023)

Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 Release Date: Feria Season 2 release date can be announced very soon. As fans already know that “Feria: The Darkest Light” is a Spanish fantasy thriller television series that has created a buzz among Netflix viewers.

Agustín Martínez and Carlos Montero approached the giant streaming service. Spanish production company Filmax produced Feria: The Darkest Light Season 1.The first episode premiered on Netflix on 28 January 2022.

Feria the Darkest light Season 2 Status – Pending

Although the giant streaming service has not officially announced the release date of Season 2 of Feria, we can assure you that the Spanish thriller series is far from over.

It is likely that the Second Season of Feria the Darkest Light will continue the story of two sisters as they navigate through the supernatural ‘Kingdom’ & attempt to rescue their mother.

Fans can also expect the expose of cult ritual by the 2 sisters. The future episodes might feature more familiar Spanish actors that has already starred in series like Money Heist and Elite.

What is Feria in Netflix about?

The First Season of Feria The Darkest Light took us in the mid-1990s in Andalusia (the southernmost autonomous community of Spain) where two sisters, Eva and Sofía reside.

Feria the darkest light Season 2 Release Date

After discovering that their parents participated in a cult that resulted in 23 deaths, the two sisters are faced with a new reality and horrific supernatural elements.

The 1st Season of Feria the darkest light was well-received by audiences as well as critics. Now all fans are eagerly awaiting the release of season 2.

The Success of Feria the darkest light

The use small Andalusian village in Feria: La luz más oscura was praised by all fans.

  • Sofía, desperate to see her mother again, makes the decision to follow the cult and opens the doorway to the “Kingdom,” which is also known as hell.
  • The kids believed that their missing parents essentially sacrificed their everything for them but in reality, the parents worshipped the demon Umma.
  • On the other hand, Ana Tomeno portrays Eva, who is struggling to find her sister but is plagued by constant hallucinations.

Feria the darkest light Reviews and Stats

Feria the darkest light stars Carla Campra as Sofia who can not accept that her parents were part of a Cult ritual ending in the deaths of innocents.

Each episode ends on a cliffhanger. By the Season 1 finale Sofía realizes that she has unleashed the devil but still hopes to rescue her mother from the “Kingdom“.

Rotten Tomatoes – 55%

Feria the darkest light features an ensemble cast of talented Spanish actors including Ana Tomeno as Eva, Carla Campra as Sofía, Marta Nieto as Elena, Patricia López as Sandra, Carlos Scholz as Raal, Isak Férriz as Guillén, Ernest Villegas as Pablo, Angela Cremonte as Blanca, & Jorge Motos as Chisco.

Jorge Dorado and Carles Torrens directed the First Season, which consists of 8 episodes with a running time of approximately fifty minutes each.

The production of “Feria: The Darkest Light” was a massive undertaking, and filming took place in January 2021 in several locations in Spain, including Minas de Riotinto in the province of Huelva and Zahara de la Sierra in the province of Cádiz.

According to the latest updates, the presence of the production team in Zahara de la Sierra gave a much-needed boost to the village’s economy, which was suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feria the darkest light Season 1 Episodes

The series premiered in January 2022 with Eight episodes, each with a unique & captivating title, including “The Red Lake,” “Babylon,” “Offering,” “The Temple,” “The God of Fire,” “Bloody Feria,” “The Apocalypse According to Pablo,” and “The Solitary King”.

The First Season was written by Agustín Martínez, Carlos Montero, and Mikel Santiago. Each episode was directed by either Jorge Dorado or Carles Torrens.

The producers specifically asked the writers to pen episodes that leave fans on a cliffhanger. Even though all episodes were released on the same day i.e. 28 January 2022 yet the series remained in the top charts of Netflix for the next few weeks.

Feria the Darkest Light Cast

Series TitleFeria: The Darkest Light
GenreSpanish fantasy thriller
CreatorsAgustín Martínez and Carlos Montero
SettingAndalusian village in the mid 1990s
PlotFollows two sisters, Eva and Sofía, as they discover their parents participated in a cult ritual leading to 23 deaths.
Main CastAna Tomeno (Eva), Carla Campra (Sofía)
Filming LocationsMinas de Riotinto, Zahara de la Sierra
Episode Count8
Episode Running Time50 minutes
Original Release Date28 January 2022 (all 8 episodes)
What does the ending of Feria mean?

Sofia opened the door to kingdom and now she has to deal with the evil that she leashed out on the world.

How many seasons of Feria are on Netflix?

There is one one season released as of now.

Is Feria Netflix scary?

Many fans has claimed that Feria the darkest light is indeed very scary.

Is Feria based on a true story?

No the Spanish thriller series Feria the Darkest light is not based on true story but it is surely inspired from actual events.

Is Feria worth watching?

The backdrop of peninsular Spain along with the intriguing cult premise makes the show worth watching.

Will there be a season 2 for Feria?

Yes. The success of “Feria: The Darkest Light,” has made fans asking for the second season.

Fans can expect the series to return on Netflix by mid 2024. We will update this post as soon as we get the actual premiere date.

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