‘FUBAR’ Renewed For Season 2 On Netflix – See Arnold Schwarzenegger & Cast Announce (VIDEO)

‘fubar’ renewed for season 2 on netflix – see arnold schwarzenegger & cast announce (video)

Arnold Schwarzenegger stays on TV. FUBAR has been renewed for season 2 on Netflix. The series announced its renewal during the Tudum fan event in São Paolo, Brazil on Saturday, June 17, via a video compilation of the first season.

The video begins with a confidential folder being opened to reveal a page reading FUBAR Season 2. “Holy Shit!” says the one who reads it. Then comes a compilation of clips from Season 1 where you see Schwarzenegger, Monica Barbaro, Milan Carter, Fortune Feimster, Travis Van Winkle and more saying “two” as a cheeky way to announce the renewal. The series was also distributed FUBAR Season 1 discounts with the crowd at Tudum.

FUBAR premiered May 25 on Netflix. The series follows Schwarzenegger’s Luke Brunner, a CIA agent on the verge of retirement who discovers a family secret and is forced to return to the field for one last job. Imagine his surprise when he learns that his daughter, Emma (Barbaro), is also a CIA agent and has kept her job a secret from her father.

The action comedy left several questions unanswered at the end of Season 1. Luke and Emma were left with their own love triangles that will need to be addressed, and their family learned the truth about their high-stakes jobs by the end of the season. This will no doubt cause some arguments in the new batch of episodes. And with other agents’ identities compromised, there will be new dangers to face.

FUBAR delivered the action-packed thrills fans have come to expect from a Schwarzenegger title, plus a heavy dose of the blockbuster star’s humor, aided by the quirky and fun supporting cast. The series also pays slight homages to Schwarzenegger’s iconic films such as finished, True liesand Predator. Schwarzenegger said FUBAR was the spiritual continuation of True lies when the series was first announced.

“Everywhere I go, people ask me when I’m going to do another action comedy like this True lies. Well, there it is,” he said in May 2021. “FUBAR it will kick your butt and make you laugh – and not just for two hours. You have a whole season.”

Make those two seasons.

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