“Good Times” star John Amos accuses daughter of elder abuse in new video

“good times” star john amos accuses daughter of elder abuse in new video

Emmy-nominated actor John Amos has accused his daughter Shannon Amos of “elder abuse,” while also giving fans an update on his health.

In a video (watch below) shared on social media by John’s son, KC Amos, Good times The star is seen on a hospital bed talking on the phone as KC stands nearby. After detailing his recent health issues, John revealed that he feels his daughter has “taken advantage” of him.

“She would be the prime suspect… I don’t know if that’s the right term or not. But she is the one I would attribute the elder abuse to,” he said. “This is definitely a case of elder abuse.”

This comes nearly a week after Shannon claimed her father was in ICU and a victim of elder abuse. She also shared a GoFundMe page, claiming John needed financial help to get proper care and bring elder abusers to justice.

Talking to peopleTHE Roots the actor said: “To all my fans, I want to share this video with you to show you that I am not in the state of distress as described on the GoFundMe page. I’m actually doing fine.”

As for John’s son KC, he wrote on Instagram: “There are many different aspects to this situation. It’s interesting how many people have come to a conclusion while we’re still discovering new elements every day.”

“I’m not in ICU and I’m not fighting for my life,” John said in a statement earlier this week. “To all my fans, I want you to know that I am doing well. First, I want the GoFundMe campaign about me to stop immediately and the funds to be returned to those who donated later. My son and I will reveal more information at the appropriate time.”

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