Has “Jeopardy!” Do you have too many questions about the Bible and Christianity?

has “jeopardy!” do you have too many questions about the bible and christianity?

After a question about the Lord’s Prayer, three contestants were left stumped on Tuesday (June 13) Danger!brought back to light a long-standing debate: Does the show ask too many Bible questions?

While even the non-religious found Tuesday’s question (“Our Father who art in heaven, (let this be thy name”)) easy, Danger! has seen a number of questions about Christianity and the Bible in recent years, which viewers have begun to notice more and more.

“It was just a Bible question Danger which I knew the answer to, and none of the contestants did, and I feel the need to warn everyone that this may be a sign of the impending apocalypse,” one viewer tweeted on Tuesday night.

But are there too many Bible questions in general? Some fans think so.

“(Danger!) writers seem to know everything about the Christian Bible. Have you noticed that almost every show these days has a #Jeopardy question or the entire category about the Christian Bible? What’s up with that?” one viewer tweeted last month.

“So tired of your questions about the Christian religion,” wrote another. “Too much Christian Bible. And the ‘Sufferings of Jesus’ category was Sunday school stuff, not part of a general education (your flawed defense of all this).”

The topic even became a discussion on the topic Danger! reddit forumwith one user saying, “Christianity/biblical categories have too much space.”

“You know two things that go on Jeopardy: The Bible and Shakespeare,” joked another viewer.

“Although not my favorites either, the Bible and religion are legitimate categories. I agree, though, they seem to be getting more hints than their fair share.” added another.

Others had explanations for why Danger! includes so much Bible trivia, with one fan writing: “A teacher once told me that to be truly well read (by US standards) you have to be familiar with Greek mythology, Shakespeare and the Bible . Between the three, you can find almost every archetype that Western stories are built on.”

They added: “I think so Danger it comes from a place of ‘Bible as literature’ instead of a place of Christianity.”

Others agreed, with one person stating: “I’m not religious, but I think it’s undeniable that the Bible has had an absolutely enormous impact on Western civilization, architecture, literature, art and politics. Yes, it’s featured more, but it’s also had more influence.”

“People should think of biblical categories more as literary than religious. It’s no different than a contestant studying famous French novels,” said another.

What do you think? Do what Danger! Do you have too many questions about the Bible? Tell us in the comments.

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