Invincible Season 2 Sets November Premiere Date: Split into Two Halves

The long wait for Unbeatable Season 2 is almost over. While the season will be split in two, the first half will arrive before the end of 2023.

Despite the fact that I was not originally on the list of fall premieres, I had a feeling that Unbeatable Season 2 was coming. Earlier this year, Amazon said the season would end in 2023.

With the show getting a spot at SDCC, it was clear that news was coming. However, only Robert Kirkman was there for the panel. The actors were unable to attend due to the current strike, and that strike is probably the reason for the bad news about the second season. It will be split into two.

When will Invincible season 2 premiere on Prime Video?

First, the good news. We’ll take Unbeatable Season 2 begins Friday, November 3. Episodes will be released weekly.

There are only four of the eight episodes to come, though. We’ll have all of November with the next part of the story and then we’ll have to wait until 2024. Why? Amazon hasn’t been direct about the reasoning, but it seems curious that the decision was made just as the actors’ strike begins.

The actors’ strike does more than affect production and promotion. It affects post-production. If there was any work to be done involving the actors, it had to be put on hold. With the animation, there’s a chance that a lot of voiceover work will still be needed for the second half of the season.

Amazon hasn’t said when in 2024 we’ll see the second half of the season. Usually, when streamers split seasons in half, they tell us when the second part will arrive. It certainly suggests that the actors’ strike has something to do with it, and we’ll have to wait for the strike to end before we get a date.

Unbeatable Season 2 will premiere on Friday, November 3 Prime Video.

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