Is Outlander Season 7A On Amazon?

Outlander Season 7A has finally premiered. Droughtlander is over. Where do you have to go to watch new episodes of the series?

Another long Droughtlander passed, but that was finally over. The first episode of Outlander Season 7 is now available to stream. This season will be split into two parts, with the first eight episodes airing this summer. The second half of the season will arrive in 2024, although a date, month or even season has yet to be confirmed.

The seventh season picks up on that cliffhanger ending with Outlander Season 6 Claire is in a jail cell in Wilmington as Jamie, young Ian, and other people are on her way. She’s on trial for murder and we all know she won’t get a fair trial. This is not a case of innocent until proven guilty.

Meanwhile, Bree and Roger are on track for Roger to officially become a minister. It’s a big journey for him as he realizes his place in the 18th century.

Is Outlander Season 7A on Prime Video?

There’s some bad news to start with. You can’t go to Prime Video to watch the episodes. At least, not Prime Video itself.

This is a STARZ series, so you’ll need that subscription. STARZ is available through Amazon Channels, so you can add it to your Prime Video subscription to keep everything in one place.

Is Outlander Season 7A on Amazon Video?

We expect to see the series arriving on Digital. However, this will not happen immediately. STARZ doesn’t operate like the broadcast networks do, releasing content the day after it airs.

Usually we have to wait a few months, but it’s not clear how that will work this year with the split season. Might we have to wait until 2024? Let’s hope not!

Outlander Season 7A airs Friday STARZ.

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