June 18, 2023 Imlie Written Episode Update: Imlie becomes Mrs. Paty

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Atharva shows her anger towards Imlie and speaks what she thinks about herself. Chini asks her not to talk while Kairi is sleeping. Atharva says that his relationship with Imlie ended 5 years ago due to Imlie’s betrayal but till now she haunts him. Chini asks him to calm down. Atharva says Imlie saved Kair’s life but he can thank her for saving his daughter; kept a daughter away from her mother because of Imlie. Chini says he did good. Atharva says Imlie was wrong then but now he is wrong. Chini says Atharva is stressed, Kairi will be fine once they get married and Kairi will have a mother, Imlie found Dhairya as her partner and moved on, everything will be fine soon.

The next morning, Devika and Rudra give gifts to Kairi and say that they love her very much. Kairi says that she loves them too, especially the princess’s mother/aunt, and asks where the princess’s aunt is. Imlie walks in disguised as Kairi’s teacher Parineeta Chatterji aka Mrs. Paty and asks about Kairi. Atharva stops her and asks for her identity card. Imlie fears that he can identify her and nervously shows her the fake ID card. Atharva checks says its fine but can call school and confirm with them. Chini calls the school and asks if they sent their teacher, Ms. Paty, to meet Kairi. The school staff informs that there is no teacher named Mrs. Paty. Atharva threatens Imlie to arrest her and asks who she really is. Imlie says she is Parineeta Chatterji and her nickname is Paty. Chini confirms and says Mrs. Paty is right, the school sent her home for tuition Paty. Chini recalls getting Parineeta’s call and telling her that they have already hired a teacher named Ms. Paty.

Imlie asks Atharva if he is safe now. Atharva says she wants her to cover Kairi’s syllabus soon. Imlie says he will spend more time with Chini and stay with her if need be.

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