Junior Ghajini Ashish Maitree SS (RajMeet, Mukund-Renuka, Lakhan-Avni as Supporting Jodi) Part 3

Junior Ghajini Part 3

Maitree’s father named her: Maitree beta….Maitree: Yes, father….

Maitree approached her father. He was none other than Mukund Kapoor.

Mukund patted her head. Her mother Renuka smiled.

Mukund: Beta…remember my friend Karthik?

Maitree: Yes, father.

Mukund: He and his son Saransh have come here with a marriage proposal for you.

Maitree was shocked.

Renuka: Are you shy even before meeting Saransh?

Maitree became boring.

Mukund:Go and meet the beta.

Maitree nodded.

Mukund and Renuka took Maitree to the living room.

Karthik and Saransh smiled.

Maitree: Hi uncle….

Karthik: Hi beta….

Saransh looked at her romantically: Hi Maitree….

Maitree gives him a fake smile: Hi…

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Mukund: Let them talk in private.

Saransh and Maitree were left alone by the elders.

Saransh: We met only rarely. But your face captured my heart. I had decided that I would marry only you.

Maitree was stunned.

Maitree: Sorry Saransh. I can’t marry you.

Saransh was shocked.

Summary: But why?

Maitree remembered Ashish.

Maitree: I’m just not interested in getting married now.

Saransh: Then I will wait for you.

Maitree: Don’t waste your life waiting for me. Because you will never get a positive answer from me.

Saransh was shocked.

Maitree left. Mukund and Renuka approached her smiling.

Mukund: What did you tell him?

Renuka: Shall we fix your marriage with him?

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Maitree: I told him that I am not interested in marrying him.

Mukund and Renuka were shocked.

Mukund: But why?

Maitree: It’s simple. I can’t imagine him as my life partner. I’m sorry, dad.

Mukund: It’s ok beta. You don’t have to apologize. I will talk to Karthik. He will understand.

Maitree smiled in relief.

Mukund and Renuka approached Karthik. Mukund was finding it difficult to face Karthik.

Karthik looked at him.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Mukund: Sorry Karthik.Maitree….

Karthik: Don’t worry Mukund. Saransh told me everything. It’s good. Our friendship will not be affected by this.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Mukund smiled in relief.

Saransh said in her mind, I can’t give up. I want Maitree.

Renuka approached Maitree.

Renuka: Beta… I want to talk to you.

Maitree: Say mother.

Renuka: You said you can’t imagine Saransh as your life partner. Is there any other reason to reject Saransh?

Maitree: What do you mean mother?

Renuka: Do you love someone?

Maitree blushed.

Maitree: Yes, mother.

Renuka smiled: Who is he?

Maitree told him everything about Ashish.

Renuka: Why didn’t you tell us about Ashish before?

Maitree: Because I don’t know whether Ashish loves me or not.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Renuka: You ask Ashish if he loves you. Let’s see what answer he gives.

Maitree: Yes… you are right mom.

Renuka: Can I see her photo?

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Maitree nodded with a smile.

Maitree showed the picture to Ashish.

Renuka: Looks good.

Maitree smiled.

Maitree and Ashish were talking casually.

Meanwhile Maitree said Ashish… I want to tell you something.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Ashish: Yes… says Maitree.

Maitree stammered: You… you…

Ashish: You?

Suddenly Ashish saw a cotton candy shop.

Ashish: Hey cotton candy….

Ashish looked at Maitree and asked, You asked me if I like cotton candy. It is not like that? I like. I will buy it for us.

Ashish ran towards the cotton candy shop. Maitree became boring.

Maitree: Ashish didn’t even listen to what I said.

Maitree was irritated.

The home…

Renuka approached Maitree.

Renuka: Did you ask Ashish if he loves you?

Maitree: I couldn’t ask him mom. He doesn’t even show interest in listening to me. Then how can I ask him?

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Renuka: I guess you are frustrated. Be cool. Give him some more time. Wait patiently. And if he himself will confess his love to you?

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Maitree smiled.

Renuka did her shopping and came out of the mall. Suddenly he felt dizzy and fainted.

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