Junior Ghajini Ashish Maitree SS (RajMeet, Mukund-Renuka, Lakhan-Avni as Supporting Jodi) Part 4

Junior Ghajini Part 4

Renuka did her shopping and came out of the mall. Suddenly she fell dizzy and passed out.

But someone caught her before she fell. It was Ashish.

He took her to the hospital.

After some time Renuka regained consciousness and slowly opened her eyes.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Ashish smiled at her. Renuka was surprised to see him.

She thought, Is this Ashish?

Ashish: How are you feeling now?

Renuka: I am fine.

Ashish: That’s nice. You passed out from low blood pressure.

The doctor came.

Doctor: This person only brought you to the hospital.

Renuka looks at Ashish in surprise.

Doctor: You should have regular check-ups. You should be in control of your TA.

The doctor gave him instructions.

Renuka was discharged.

Ashish: I will drop you home if you tell me your address.

Renuka: Its fine Ashish. I will go home alone.

Ashish was stunned.

Ashish: How do you know my name?

Renuka: Maitree is my daughter.

Ashish was surprised: Are you Maitree’s mother?

Renuka nodded.

Ashish touched her feet. Renuka blesses him keeping her hand on his head.

Renuka: God bless you beta.

Ashish smiled.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Renuka reached home.

Maitree: Where have you been mom?

Mukund: We tensed. You didn’t even attend any calls.

Renuka: I was in the hospital.

They tensed.

Mukund: What happened Renuka?

Renuka: Nothing to worry about. Due to low blood pressure, I passed out.

They were shocked and worried.

Maitree: Mother!

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Renuka: I told you both not to worry. A nice boy took me to the hospital in time. Now I’m fine.

Mukund and Maitree hugged her smiling.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Mukund: Who is that cute boy?

Renuka looked at Maitree with a smile and said, His name is Ashish.

Maitree looked at Renuka doubtfully. Renuka nodded with a smile, giving her a hint that he was the same Ashish. Maitree smiled happily.

Renuka: If he wasn’t there, I would have been lying on the road like an orphan.

Mukund: He is such a cute boy.

Maitree thought, My love for Ashish has increased now. You are a gem Ashish. Now I can’t wait to know if you love me or not. I’ll just express how much I love you.

Maitree met Ashish.

Ashish: Why did you call me urgently Maitree?

Maitree: You took a woman to the hospital, didn’t you?

Ashish thought, When have I taken a woman to hospital? I do not remember.

Ashish: Which woman?

Maitree: A lady passed out and you took her to the hospital.

Suddenly Ashish remembered his meeting with Renuka.

Ashish: Yes. That was your mother…

Maitree: Yes. Thank you so much for taking care of my mom.

Ashish: I didn’t know she was your significant other until she told me.

Maitree smiled, You are very cute Ashish. I love you.

Ashish was stunned: What did you say?

Maitree turned and smiled shyly.

She thought, Ashish is so excited to hear the 3 magic words from my mouth.

Ashish: Say Maitree. Don’t stress me out.

Maitree chuckled sensing his uneasiness.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Ashish turned his face towards him.

Ashish: What did you say Maitree?

Maitree: I love you Ashish and I really do.

Ashish was numb. Maitree has become boring.

Maitree: You don’t like me? Is that why you are silent?

Ashish: I fell in love with you the moment I saw your face for the first time. But I didn’t have the courage to confess my love to you. But you said “I love you” so easily. That’s why I kept quiet. I’m with really amazed

Maitree smiled.

Ashish: I really love you Maitree.

Maitree became so happy that she hugged him.

Maitree told Mukund about Ashish.

Maitree: I really love him dad.

Mukund: He is the one who protected your mother. He is the best person for you.

Maitree and Renuka smiled.

Mukund: Tell him I want to meet him.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Maitree was very happy.

Maitree: Sure dad.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Maitree called Ashish and said, Ashish… papa wants to meet you. We will meet at the Blue Horse restaurant at 6 0′ in the evening.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Ashish: Sure, I will be there.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Ashish went to the restaurant. There he saw Maitree with Mukund.

Ashish was shocked.

Ashish: Is Maitree Mukund Kapoor’s daughter? God!

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