Junooniyat 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Jahan decides to come back

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Scene 1
Dada appreciates Ilahi. She says I just added mash and spices. Tina says wow bhabhi, I like you to cook. The guests tell Jordan that you are so lucky to have a wife like her. The guests give him the shagun.

Jahan gives Dolly the medicine. Baljeet says Dolly I got your favorite flowers. We are all here for you. He gets excited. Jahan says papa please don’t cry. You are my strength. He says let me bring you food. Jahan leaves. He goes outside and cries. Jahan sees that there is no food at home. He says there is nothing here. He doesn’t have enough money. Jahan says I have to find a job son. Seerat comes there. He says what are you doing here? He says at least ask what they are? He says sorry. She says I have food for uncle and aunty. He says I could handle it. She says I know you can but I did. Jahan thanks him. He says what are you doing? she serves the food and says let me do it. Jahan says thank you. She says Aunt Dolly will be fine, just be happy around her. Be happy. He says it’s not easy. Jahan says I am fine. she says i told mom i will. But he doesn’t appreciate me. Jahan cleans it. She says you spilled it. She says sorry, it spilled because of you. Jahan says calm down. He says I can make tea. Jahan makes tea. He remembers making tea with Ilahi. He spilled it. Ilahi stopped it and fixed it. Jahan said it was so good. He looks around, she’s not there. Jahan comes out. He keeps thinking about Ilahi on the table. He leaves the food. Bajeet says let him be.

Scene 2
The party continues at the Mehta house. People say that Ilahi will take part in the great voice of India. Jahan thinks of Ilahi. Baljeet brings him food. Jahan says I m not hungry. He says I know you are worried about Dolly. Talk to Yahi, you’ll feel better. Jahan hugs him and cries. Baljeet asks is everything fine? He says I lied to you dad. Ilahi married Jordan. Baljeet is shocked. She tells Baljeet everything.

Rasika says I don’t think Ilahi made Jordan her pageant partner. Guests ask who else would she like to attend? A woman says she is Jahan? He is a great artist. Ilahi remembers slapping Jordan and saying only Jahan can be my partner. She remembers that Jahan said he wanted to be her partner for life.
Baljeet so much happened. You didn’t tell us. We should have stayed there. You shouldn’t have come here. Jahan says I had to take care of you. He says it’s not your fault. It is destiny. Mahip turned my brother against me. She did all that I’m sure. He never wanted us to go back to mom dad. I was wrongly accused. I had no proof of innocence. We remained silent. Everything is our dark fate and you have to tolerate all this. I ruined everything for you. Jahan hugs him and says you are my life.

Everyone is asking Ilahi who is her partner for the finale. Ilahi sings on stage. He thinks of Jahan. Jordan raps with her. Jahan sings in her room. Jahan thinks of Ilahi. Everyone cheers for Ilahi and Jordan. He asks her again who would she sing with in the finale? Jordan says say this. She remembers telling Jahan that they will do it together. Ilahi says my partner would be Jordan. Everyone applauds. Jahan says they took everything from us. We will come back and get everything. they must pay for their sins. He hugs Baljeet.

The episode ends

Precap-Ilahi remembers that Jahan loved her hair. Jordan is getting a haircut. He says whatever Jahan liked about you, I will remove that. Jahan calls Ilahi. Jordan chooses. :

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