Junooniyat June 14, 2023 Written Episode Update: Jordan Marries Ilahi

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The episode begins with Jordan receiving baraat for Ilahi. Jahaan sees his parents and cries. Ilahi remembers her moments with Jahaan. She comes to the mandap. Jordan and Ilahi exchange garlands. Jahaan thinks about Ilahi. Jordan thinks I had to do this to get you. She is crying. The marriage rituals begin. Jahaan calls Ilahi. Her phone is left in the room. Husna cries for Ilahi. Jahaan calls her home. She says why no one is answering. Ilahi and Jordan take the wedding rounds. Ilahi walks forward and stumbles. Mahi holds her. Jahaan sees the moon bangle and cries. Jordan saves the gathbandhan from breaking. Amar does the kanyadaan and prays that Ilahi always remains happy. Jordan makes Ilahi wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor. Pandit says the marriage is over. Ilahi meets his family. Everyone hugs and blesses her. Ilahi embraces Amar. She imagines Jahaan and stops. Biji and Amar tell him about bidaai rituals. Biji says you are thinking of your mother, your one mistake can always insult him. Husna hugs Ilahi and cries. Jordan says I promise I will take care of Ilahi. They were leaving.

Mahi welcomes Jordan and Ilahi home. Jordan sees the marks on his hand and says welcome to hell God. She walks on the white cloth. Jordan puts down the lamp. The canvas catches fire. Mahi looked at Jordan. Jordan picks Ilahi up and tells him I promise you’ll feel safe if you’re close to me. He takes her in his arms and gets out of the fire. Bebe asks are you ok. Mahi says we will finish the rasams soon so they can go to rest. Bebe guides them to find the ring. He sees her wearing the moon bracelet and thinks Jahaan gave it to her. Jordan injures Ilahi and finds the ring. Ilahi’s finger is bleeding. He thinks you have to forget Jahaan. Bebe says she’s getting first aid. Jordan offers the help. He says now my ring is yours, we will end this game now. Ilahi is brought into Jordan’s room. She sees the decorations and cries. Tina and Rasika pull her leg and wish her all the best. Ilahi thinks of Jahaan.

Amar cries. Biji consoles him. He asks me if I was wrong to marry Ilahi to Jordan. She says no, she has a nice guy. He says Jahaan has not done right, I will kill him. Inspector gives Dolly and Baljeet’s belongings to Jahaan. He says the car driver fell asleep at the wheel, you want to meet him. Jahaan says no its fine. Sign the papers and close the case. Ilahi hears harmonica music and runs to see Jahaan. Biji says to explain Ilahi to accept Jordan by heart and then she will forget Jahaan. Amar says yes, I will talk to her. Jordan asks what happened. Ilahi says Jahaan is here, he is playing this music. He stops her and says you are my wife from now on.

He asks her to come. He says I have a surprise for you. She reveals her portrait. Smile and say I have this picture here so you know this is your room, I’m yours too. She falls into his arms. Jordan is nice to her. He says I know you would miss Jahaan, you saw these dreams with him, I would have gone out to sleep, but my family is there, you can sleep on bed and I will sleep on sofa, we are friends inside this. room, you are their bahu outside the room, be careful, sleep. She says don’t turn off the lights, I am afraid of dark. Husna says sorry to hide Jahaan’s phone. She thinks to talk to Jahaan’s parents once and find out. She takes out their number. She asks why did you cheat Ilahi. She shouts I will never forgive Jahaan. Jordan thinks you’re afraid of the dark and the dark is afraid of me. He goes outside and hears the family praising God. Rasika says I don’t think she can forget Jahaan, her first love, I don’t know if she can give love to Jordan or not. Mahi says you are there to teach her things, Ilahi will keep relations well, her family gave her good values. Jordan turns off the lights. Mahi stops him. He hugs her and says I love you mom. She says I love you too, I can do anything for you, don’t let Ilahi fly, I want him to stay in your control. He says I love her a lot, she will be punished for her mistakes first, I remember that slap, she chose Jahaan over me, I will not forgive her easily, I will make her life hell. Ilahi wakes up and gets scared seeing the darkness.

The episode ends

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