Katha Ankahee 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha defends Viaan.

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Katha asks Viaan to put her list. He loves her playlist, cherishes the 90s era for their peaceful songs. Katha thinks of initiating love as the center of his architectural debate today, architects must have a sense of love within them for the design they have created. Viaan wonders what the Taj Mahal would have been like had it not been for these architects. Viaan loves road trips with the song playing. The son is special to him, he changed something in the worst days back from the office. Katha loves radio for its surprise.

I arrive at the hotel, take the keys to their rooms. Viaan puts on the brooch Batman gave him. Katha completes it. The brooch fell out when the receptionist was putting all the access lots in the same pocket. Viaan’s phone also fell but he didn’t care, the brooch was more important to him. He decided to put the card on the other side. He noticed the black spot behind Katha’s ears, it wasn’t there before. Katha says Aarav set her up, imitating Neerja. He put it in with a permanent marker. Viaan thinks Aarav cares a lot.

Viaan meets his friends in the hall, they question Viaan for not inviting them to his wedding after seeing Katha. Viaan corrects them, she is his colleague. The men apologize, they thought that because of the topic, Viaan would come with his love rather than Ehsan. Viaan is sorry to disappoint them. The men name Viaan the most eligible bachelor, he asks Katha to find him a suitor. Viaan ignores, the men leave.
Katha and Viaan were shown their room, their rooms have interconnecting door. The floor is reserved for CEOS, after Ehsan canceled, the room was signed to Katha. The staff left. Katha will meet Viaan for brunch after freshening up, have a workshop and talk about Gothic architecture.

In the room, Viaan continued to stare at the interlocking door and remembered when he called Katha to spend the night with him. Viaan called the hotel manager.

Kavita comes to Mr. Garewal. He wanted to invite Katha home and make her and Reet talk face to face. Kavita suggests him to first talk to Katha who is in Allahabad in two days for a conference with his bosses. He calls Katha, asks her about her stay. Katha tells her that Ehsan is getting sick so only she and Viaan did the trip. Mr. Garewal wonders that someone is getting sick at the last minute. Ehsan and Viaan are childhood friends. She asks her not to worry, Katha is not interested and Viaan is a good guy. She asks him to focus on Reet first.

Katha comes out, Viaan’s room is cleaned. The hotel staff informs her that Viaan was not comfortable here, so he was moved to another room. The manager apologized to Viaan for the unavailability of any other suite, the entire hotel is booked due to the conference. The hall was adjacent to the seminar room and you could hear the movement of the furniture. Viaan had no worries, he asked the manager to take care of Katha.
Katha calls Viaan asking him why he changed his room, he said that the room was assigned to him accidentally. Will freshen up now, Katha will make a few calls in the meantime.

Aarav shows his friends the Vulcan project. Neerja serves them snacks. He asks about the next meeting, a friend objects to the selected date because he has to be with his father in the new apartment. He spends his weekends with his father. Aarav is silent.

Viaan is waiting for Katha on the lunch table and says she has been here before. The croissant and coffee are great here. Katha wants to attend a German teacher’s stained glass workshop. Viaan realized that he had been waiting for this conference. Katha has been looking forward to it ever since she heard. They heard few men discussing about Viaan, they are not interested in working with Viaan, they heard that he is boring and rude, his girlfriend said that the man is never happy and on his birthday. Viaan keeps telling Katha about the food here. Katha goes to those men, she calls them that they are talking bad about a famous architect, men must belong to the third category who want nothing from life. She forbids them to speak ill of a man who has won the inheritance of Dubai. The men start arguing with Katha, Viaan intervenes, stops Katha from giving her attention to foreign men who don’t want anything else. One of them recognizes Viaan and apologizes. He tells men not to tremble, the feet of a good architect must be as stable as the core of his buildings. He should know how to treat a woman. Anirudh interrupts him and says the men belong to his team. Katha couldn’t expect less, she thinks Anirudh likes to defame EarthCon. He corrects, Anirudh wants to defeat EarthCon. Katha taunts him to create designs for him. Anirudh doesn’t teach her teams the spirit Katha has, asks if she gets paid extra for it. Viaan mocks Anirudh for his low sense of humor. They were leaving.

PRECAP: Ehsan throws mud at Vanya. Katha and Viaan attend the stained glass class together. Piper Vanya sprays the man for spitting mud on her.

Credit update for: Sona

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